For quite some time now, I have felt anchored in place, unable to budge from my position in life. It got to the point where my soul was telling me that I needed to float off and drift toward somewhere new, someplace that would at least mix up the scenery. In short, I have been desiring change.

I used to fear change. I would always be wary of what change would entail, regardless if it were good or bad. In addition, I am someone who tends to cling to things. I would grow acclimated to an object or daily ritual and would rely on this being there for me every day. And of course, I would freak out when the exact same thing would somehow disappear from me, to the point where I would malfunction and get thrown off for days or weeks.

I want to change this tidbit about myself. I want to learn how to let go and acknowledge that things come and go. Things are not always going to exist for eternity.

As I have hinted before, my life has been sort of stuck in something I would not necessarily describe as a rut per se, but I believe the time has come for me to transition toward the next stage in life. Fact is, life has not been bad for me. A lot of things are quite pleasant, actually. But even then, I have not been completely content with my circumstances.

For this particular phase of what I want to call “recovery,” I think I have spent enough time healing from my past pain and emotional trauma. I am no longer a mopey, miserable guy who did not look forward to waking up the next day. Oh no. Definitely not. That ship has thankfully sailed off far away (for now, anyway).

Instead, I like to think of myself as someone brimming with the right kind of optimism, a sense of genuine hope that something ideal is awaiting me. With a better attitude, even the tough obstacles seem less daunting. I want to release the anchor that is holding me back so I can evolve further as a person.

Because, after all, only a fool expects a different result when no variable is changed. How can I expect anything else from life when I have been too stubborn to change myself so I can alter my situation?

I gotta press onward with no regrets.


One thought on “Buoy

  1. MysteryCoach May 17, 2012 / 2:53 am

    🙂 You go boy! You can’t change the past, it does sting sometimes BUT … that was then and while it may come up now and then, it’s still back there and you’re up here… little by little those things become a fading memory.


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