Birds of Prey Part 2

So a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! players have flocked over to YGOPRO for their online Duels.

Unlike Dueling Network, the website many Yu-Gi-Oh! players have been using prior to this newer program, YGOPRO features a slick system that takes care of a lot of the complex triggers and mechanics automatically. Dueling Network relied on the players doing things by manual means (from determining how card effects resolved to other tedious things like calculating damage).

YGOPRO’s quicker and well-programmed system makes it an attractive choice for Yu-Gi-Oh! players who want streamlined matches without having to wait a century between turns.

I decided to recreate my Harpies deck from Dueling Network with some minor modifications to try out on YGOPRO.

Harpies Deck

And below is a video of how my first game on YGOPRO went with this deck. In addition, this also happens to be my first video I ever uploaded on YouTube ever, so yeah. Whoo!

OK, so a children’s card game can get pretty complicated, so I will break down what is going on, step by step.

  1. I went first and decided to test the water against my opponent, which prompted me to set Harpie Lady 1 in defense mode to see what my opponent will do next. I then ended my turn afterward.
  2. My opponent began their turn by discarding The Fabled Cerburrel so The Tricky could be Special SummonedThe Fabled Cerburrel then got Special Summoned because its effect triggers when it is discarded.
  3. My opponent Synchro Summoned for Arcanite Magician, and then used this card’s effect to remove one of the two Spell Counters it gained upon being summoned to destroy my defense-position monster.
  4. My opponent then followed it up with Miracle Synchro Fusion to call out Supreme Arcanite Magician.
  5. My opponent discarded another card to call out another The Tricky and then summoned out Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.
  6. My opponent attacked me directly for 7,200 points of damage to my Life Points, bringing me down to just 800 Life Points afterward. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer also banished my Harpie Lady 1 from my Graveyard due to his effect. My opponent finally ended their turn.
  7. Counterattack time. I began by calling out Summoner Monk and immediately used his effect of discarding a Spell Card from my hand to summon Harpie Channeler from my deck.
  8. I followed up with Elegant Egotist to summon a Cyber Harpie Lady from my deck.
  9. By discarding a Harpie card, Harpie Channeler‘s effect triggered so I could summon Harpie’s Pet Dragon from my deck.
  10. I Xyz Summoned Harpie’s Pet Dragon and Harpie Channeler to play a Rank 7 Number 11: Big Eye.
  11. I used Number 11: Big Eye‘s effect by detaching  Harpie’s Pet Dragon from it to steal my opponent’s Supreme Arcanite Magician.
  12. I used one of Supreme Arcanite Magician‘s effects against my opponent to destroy Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.
  13. Xyz Summoned Queen Dragon Djinn with my Summoner Monk and Cyber Harpie Lady.
  14. I activated Queen Dragon Djinn‘s effect to call out Harpie’s Pet Dragon back from my Graveyard.
  15. Special Summoned Dark Simorgh from my hand by banishing Dark and Wind monsters from my Graveyard, giving me a full field compared to my opponent’s lone monster.
  16. My opponent gave up. Nonetheless, it was a great game for my initial trial on YGOPRO.

So far, I greatly enjoy YGOPRO a lot. It has a great system for online games against other Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. The program has a lot of cool features that I need to check out, but I really look forward to making new decks and competing against all kinds of opponents out there. Part of the fun of card games is seeing what kind of nifty strategy your opponent has up their sleeves.

And remember – if you aren’t playing a children’s card game with complete seriousness, you’re doing it wrong.


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