Anime Recommendation: Dangan Ronpa

Song Lyrics
Reality slips far away
Fiction comes alive
We start to play it
Hope is no more behind a closed door
As we drift away from where we were before
Hope and hopelessness become one
It’s all meaningless
We’ve already begun
Yup, we are all one and the same
Never opposites, we play the same game

Walk the thin line between hope and despair
Running from the truth, but it’s already here
Told so many lies, I dunno if they can find me
Only one life to live, so choose wisely
Heads or tails, do you even know the side you’re on?
Doesn’t really matter if it’s on the same coin
If you wanna achieve, you gotta believe
It’s on right now
There’s the door
Here’s the key

The search is so very long
We let it fade away
There’s a ray of hope beyond despair
Move on
Look for the truth in this world
Such dedication comes through only once

Slip through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted, evil things
Just do it
Go for it

Slip through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted, evil things
Just do it
Go for it

Yo gotta believe it’s killin’ time

Dangan Ronpa” is like “Big Brother” with an evil bear who forces you to kill people to win.

Danganronpa takes place at a special, elite high school called Hope’s Peak Academy (希望ヶ峰学園 Kibōgamine Gakuen?) which only accepts students of the highest caliber in various fields who are given the title of “Super High School Level” (超高校級 chō-kōkō-kyū?). However, every year it accepts one average high school student chosen by raffle, who is given the title of “Super High School Level Lucky Student”.[4] Makoto Naegi, a fairly optimistic but otherwise average student, is chosen as one of these students.[4]However, when Makoto arrives outside of the gates of the Academy, he loses consciousness and wakes up inside the school, where he meets fourteen other newly picked Super High School Students who are in the same situation as him. It is revealed that they are trapped inside the school for life by a sadistic, remote controlled, black and white bear called Monokuma. He announces that the only way for a student to ‘graduate’ and escape from the school is to murder another student and get away with it.

When a murder occurs, a “class trial” (学級裁判 gakyū saiban?) is held, in which the remaining students must determine amongst themselves who the killer is. If the students can successfully determine the true culprit, that person is put to a gruesome and ironic execution for disrupting school order. However, if the wrong accusation is made, then the true killer will be allowed to leave the academy whilst everyone else will be put to death. With everyone a potential victim and a possible suspect, it is up to Makoto to survive these class trials and solve the true mysteries of Hope’s Peak Academy.


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