Fluttery Part 14

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Click here to read a lore reading by Imoristar for Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie, a custom champion for “League of Legends.” Music by Marc Straight.

Deep within the Kumungu Jungle, untouched by most humans, lives a small population of all-female winged creatures known as butterfly faeries – experts in using Mother Nature’s magic, especially when it involves manipulating flowers. Commonly regarded as a mere fairy tale, the few explorers who actually met these elusive creatures just never end up in peace, as they’re always the victims of their pranks. Their pranks vary in magnitude, the lightest involves getting lost in the jungle, running in circles for hours. The worst involves seeing hallucinations, confusing a pack of wild hungry wolves for an innocent group of deer.

One particular butterfly faerie stood out from the rest. Sylphie, who is notorious for her creativity in scheming much more dangerous pranks, even using her own people as test subjects occasionally, is generally disliked by the rest of her sisterhood. Yet, she is a valuable, irremovable asset to her sisters, precisely because of her creativity, as whatever danger arrives to threatens their existence, Sylphie never fails to come up with a plan to thwart it, with entertaining results.

However, Slyphie is bored of her life. She hungers for an adventure, a challenge, perhaps a much more powerful creature that she can toy with and storm up a prank on, rather than just ordinary humans. Hence, after scheming down a versatile array of trap blueprints for her sisters, she bade farewell to the matriarch leader and left her home, promising to return and tell tales of her journey.

And so, the mischievous adventures of Sylphie and her cunning wit begins, as she seeks out for more ideas of deceit and trickery, more magic to invent and experiment, and more test subjects that could really tickle her funny bone.

“I think I’ve just found my next experi … I mean, companion to play with!”

Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie

(Credit to Mineko Charat Lucky for writing the lore).


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