Cold Champion

Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath
, is my best and favorite jungler in “League of Legends.” She is an awesome champion with lots of power and versatility.

No pun intended, but I played Sejuani before she was cool. Granted, I played her when she was sporting a bikini out in freezing conditions (honestly, I thought this was really silly). And I don’t care what anyone says – “old” Sejuani was fine as a champion.

So the “remake” entailed an altered skill-set with Sejuani getting much-needed armor that was appropriate for braving the elements.

Of course, Sejuani sees a lot more play these days because her skill-set can put the chill on any foe in battle. PIG POWER in action!


A Warrior of Winter
Freeze ’em!

  • Helps add to Sejuani’s natural tank role.
  • The armor is OK.
  • The slow-reduction is nice.

  • Great gap-closer.
  • The charge’s knock-up is excellent for initating and ganking.
  • Deals good damage against tanks.

  • Deals a lot of damage over time.
  • Excellent for clearing camps and clearing waves.
  • Scales off of bonus health.

  • Powerful slow effect.
  • Long slow duration.
  • Great for dealing damage to crowds.

  • To me, this is one of the best ultimates in the game.
  • Powerful stun.
  • The slow effect is quite substantial as well.


Five Random Pros of Sejuani

  1. She serves as an excellent tank for your team composition.
  2. Fun to play.
  3. Arctic Assault is a great skill for offense and defense.
  4. Sejuani brings potent slows/disables to the table.
  5. Glacial Prison is a really powerful ultimate.

Five Random Cons of Sejuani

  1. Team dependent. Sejuani does not outright carry like other jungers can.
  2. Damage output is average at best at the start.
  3. She does not counter-jungle particularly well.
  4. A bit item-dependent for a jungler.
  5. A tad vulnerable while clearing jungle camps early.

Five Random Ideas to Improve Sejuani as a Whole

  1. I think her early game damage could be bumped up a notch.
  2. Sejuani’s mana costs are a touch too high without extra mana/mana regen. I think some of her abilities could be cheaper, mana-wise.
  3. Her boar, Bristle, needs to make more boar sounds.
  4. I personally think Sejuani’s first voice sounded better.
  5. Sejuani needs to be even more awesome? Is that even possible?


the-cannie:LoL:: Sejuani by *CookieHana
Such a Cool Customer
Simply put, Sejuani is so cooooooooooool as a champion. I love using her in LoL.



yep-that-tasted-purple:Sejuani Paper Doll by ~KirariRinkanWow, I just finished a ranked game as my favorite jungler. Lo and behold. This is what I come across the moment I check Tumblr. <3

phantomsolari:LOL-史瓦妮 | Belle [pixiv]

weagueofwegends:5-ish:Sejuani (and pig) not adapting well to summer conditions. xDAs suggested by Dr. Grordbort. Enjoy~This is adorable


One thought on “Cold Champion

  1. twohp2few July 22, 2013 / 6:13 pm

    I’ve picked her up after the changes and really enjoy her, especially on TT. Pretty excited for the Bear Cavalry skin. It’s fun to use 🙂


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