Card Me: Kalonian Tusker

In Magic: The Gathering, sometimes simple can be strong. Kalonian Tusker certainly fits this bill.

Kalonian Tusker

Card Name: Kalonian Tusker
Mana Cost: GreenGreen
Converted Mana Cost: 2
Types: Creature — Beast
Flavor Text: “And all this time I thought we were tracking it.”—Juruk, Kalonian tracker
P/T: 3 / 3
For two green mana, you’re getting a 3/3 creature. That’s it. No effect or anything. However, this is what makes this card so powerful.

Generally speaking, a creature should pass the “Vanilla Test” if you want to consider them for your deck. In this case, Kalonian Tusker passes this particular test with flying colors. A creature should usually get 1/1 stats for each converted mana cost value, give or take a point here and there based on any and all card effects.

You ask yourself stuff like, “Is this card good for its cost?” Or, “Are there better cards I could substitute in for the deck slot?”

Because Kalonian Tusker actually has 1/1 more worth of stats for his converted mana cost, this makes it a real bargain in terms of power. To put a 3/3 creature out on turn two just like that is quite substantial in Magic. As a result, Kalonian Tusker is an excellent card for “beatdown” strategies.

Honestly, my only real gripe with this card is I don’t really like the artwork that much. Otherwise, you can bet a play set of Kalonian Tuskers is on the agenda for just about any green player.


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