Toward the Top Part 9

Club Platinum

At long last, I have hit Platinum V in “League of Legends!”

It took three separate promotion series attempts. A lot of raging. A lot sad feelings. Just a whole bunch of emotions … But, with enough perseverance and patience, I have pulled it off.

It was not easy. In fact, at times, I wasn’t even having any fun at all. It was a grind, and it was a difficult one at that.

For my first two promotion attempts, I had a leaver/AFKer in my final games, respectively. In addition, matchmaking decided to throw a few Diamond V players my way for a bunch of my promotion games to boot. It was like the system wanted to make it as difficult as possible for me to rank up.

It got to a point where I just decided to go ham and play lights out. I started to find means to “cope” in-game to make the process more bearable, even going as far as announcing in-game that I was listening to romantic, shoujo anime music (because I was) to my opponents. And then, of course, I would have said romantic, shoujo anime music playing as I went through the motions.

I would have songs like this playing in the background as I did my thing. It really ate up a lot of stress and tension from my matches, which put my mind at ease as I did my best to defeat the opposition.

In fact, when I was grinding it out for Platinum V, I probably heard the song below in particular like 100 times.

No shame. I listen to romantic, shoujo anime music. Come at me.

All I can say is, I definitely feel like I have improved as a player at this game. And, more importantly, I think I have the capabilities of rising even higher. I can tell with my in-game performance that I am on the cusp of surpassing a personal threshold.

With further practice and some constructive coaching, I think I can push myself to play LoL even better.

Time to continue moving toward the top.

weagueofwegends:[x] Sona


5 thoughts on “Toward the Top Part 9

  1. maryrilakkuma July 30, 2013 / 4:30 am

    Congratz!!!!!!!! 😀 That’s awesome!!!!!! You went from Gold to Platinum pretty fast!!!! :3


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