Pet Peeve: Red Flags at Champ Select

It all starts at champ select in “League of Legends.” After a while, you learn to pick up a lot of clues from your would-be teammates. You might run into good indicators like a positive attitude, and then you come across those situations where you feel compelled to queue dodge.

Especially in my ranked games, I have a personal list of “red flags” I am wary of whenever I attempt to play my games of LoL. These are pet peeves of mine because I ultimately want to win more games than lose in LoL, and these red flags often are premonitions of horrible things to come.

Below are five random ones in no particular order of significance. Please note that these five points are generally focused more at ranked play than normal games.

1. Signs of a Toxic Player
Toxic players stick out like sore thumbs. It could the be the flamer, the intentional feeder, the troll and everything else in between that you would not want to have on your LoL team. Unfortunately, the LoL community is brimming with toxic players of varying degrees. At champ select, the moment any player shows any sign of negativity, I become worried.

2. People Who Tell You Their Stats
I swear that I have lost more than 90 percent of my games whenever I get that guy/gal who has to link the entire team to their LolKing page or “brag” about how they are like 20-5 with x champion. Yeah, guess what happens?

They set themselves up for disappointment if they do anything less than spectacular. It’s basically just self-jinxing at its worst. If I want to look into your player data, I will do so if need be. Otherwise, keep it to yourself please.

3. Players Who Say They Can Only Play X Role
Would you go take a hard test ill-prepared? Would you go in without studying? Logically, one would say no, but people at champ select at times make me question humanity.

Especially in ranked games, I expect everyone to be able to play all five roles. I don’t necessarily believe everyone should have pro-caliber competency with each role – I just hope you can at least BS any given position for your team and hold your own if you are dealt a role you normally do not play.

So if you go into ranked play just wanting to play one specific role (mid, top … it does not matter), then chances are you are going to be a liability to your team. The fact is, you are not going to be able to get your preferred role every single time, and thus you have to compromise. Sometimes, you just have to take it for the team and play the support role, or perhaps this means you might be left to fend for yourself up there at the scary top lane.

Whatever the case, having the flexibility to be versatile is a huge plus in LoL.

4. People Who “Main” Roles/People Who “Duo Queue” Generally Think Highly of Themselves
I decided to clump these two concepts together because they basically fall into the same vein.

You have to learn to figure out the “code” in what people say. For instance, I can come across a player who says they “main” mid lane, but this does not necessarily mean they are good at it. It could be in fact their best role, but their best could actually be very subpar compared to others.

Likewise, duo queues generally think they are way better than everyone else because they are pair. But in reality, it could literally just boil down to two friends playing together and nothing more. Of course, with duo queues, I just hope they have some extra synergy with each other if they are buddies.

In other words, take people’s words with a grain of salt. Perhaps they can just end up having a bad game, or they could be trying to blow some smoke to make themselves look better than they really are. Regardless of the case, I guess it is nice to give people the benefit of the doubt.

5. People Who Pick the “Wrong” Champion for the Given Situation
This red flag revolves more around general player knowledge than anything else.

Basically, if you get the player who picks an inappropriate champion based on what your team needs (e.g. your team needs a tank, but they choose a squishy champ like Teemo), this is a huge red flag because it can set up your team for failure before the game even begins.

We all across these players from time to time. Like, I have dealt with players who would not listen to me when I told them their champion pick would be hard-countered by the other team, but they would not change their minds. Lo and behold, they often get stomped hard and an “I told you so” would serve them right.

To be overly selfish with your champion choices can and will be detrimental for your teammates if you are not careful. So pick smart choices whenever you can.

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