Anime Recommendation: Zero no Tsukaima

From Zero to Hero?
I just finished the first season of “Zero no Tsukaima” (The Familiar of Zero), and I really enjoyed it.

Synopsis: Louise is a magician at the Tristein Academy, dubbed with the nickname “Zero Louise” due to her inability to effectively use her magic properly, resulting in zero successes. An upcoming test at her academy requires her to summon a familiar, a servant and partner to support her as a magician. Despite desiring a familiar that would be superior to her constantly mocking classmates, Louise ends up summoning Hiraga Saito, your average Japanese boy. Even with Louise and Saito both unwilling to accept each other, they have no choice. Louise cannot attempt another summoning and Saito cannot return to Japan, and so their life together begins. Based on the novel by Noboru Yamaguchi.

I was actually looking for a romantic, shoujo anime to watch, and then I came across “Zero no Tsukaima” on a random list on a forum. It turns out this anime was basically a harem instead of a romantic shoujo, but I still liked it regardless. I found the characters really fun, and I am going to give this anime extra props for actually having an Asian male who hooks up with a non-Asian girl(s) (take that, society).

So yeah, this “shounen” anime is one I will consider watching further (it has three more seasons). I just found Louise and Saito so sweet together as a pair.


One thought on “Anime Recommendation: Zero no Tsukaima

  1. Falmung August 21, 2013 / 6:44 pm

    I watched this series back a few years ago and completed it when they released the final season. Its a great series and it saddens me that the creator of Zero No Tsukaima is no longer with us as he died in April. His legacy will remain for everyone to watch. *teary eyed*


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