Vi for Violence

Hungry for a Knuckle Sandwich?
Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, is one of my favorite junglers in “League of Legends.”

Basically, her concept is an ex-lowlife turned “bad cop” who beats the tar out of lawbreakers with her mechanical fists of fury. I love her badass, tough attitude as she punches through anything in her way.

Vi stands for violence, after all!


No Cop-out
Vi’s kit packs quite a PUNCH!

  • Gives Vi a handy shield.
  • Allows Vi to get a bit tanky.
  • Scales well into late game.

  • Great initiation and ganking tool.
  • A fully charged punch travels a great distance.
  • Also applies a Denting Blows stack.

  • Deals great damage to high-HP targets.
  • Shreds armor and grants attack speed.
  • A powerful passive effect.

  • Deals great physical damage in a cone shape.
  • Great for farming/clearing the jungle.
  • Resets your basic attack.

  • A handy ultimate.
  • Particularly potent for diving specific, key target champions.
  • Skills that knock targets away are useful because tenacity/crowd control reduction cannot reduce these types of effect.


Five Random Pros of Vi

  1. A strong jungler.
  2. Superb ganking potential.
  3. Fun to play.
  4. An awesome personality as a character.
  5. Punches the crap out of foes.

Five Random Cons of Vi

  1. Has decent crowd control, but not a lot.
  2. Many skills require charging.
  3. Blast Shield’s cooldown is long at the early levels.
  4. Vi is not particularly that good against certain team compositions.
  5. Vi does not fit into certain team comps that well.

Five Random Ideas to Improve Vi as a Whole

  1. I think Vi should get more cop-related skins.
  2. I think Vi’s abilities could use a bit more power, but only a touch more.
  3. I think Vi could use a bit more natural defense.
  4. I think Vi’s Blast Shield should be visually more obvious.
  5. Vi could be more badass? Somehow?


Vi is certainly VI-able in her own ways. When anyone interferes with the law, it’s up to Vi to dish out some justice with her fists.



2 thoughts on “Vi for Violence

  1. maryrilakkuma August 28, 2013 / 3:30 am

    I really like Vi’s character design! Esp her pink hair! XD I’m a sucker for anything pink!


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