Pet Peeve: Fair Weather Fans

Football season is starting to pick up steam for both college and the National Football League in America.

American football is the main sport I like to keep up with during the year. I love the strategic elements of the game, and the two main teams I keep up with are the Washington State University Cougars (WSU is my alma mater) and the Cincinnati Bengals

And you know what? At times, I will admit it is tricky to say that I am a fan of both these teams, but I stick by them no matter what. Both teams have had their share of “down years” and outright horrible seasons, but regardless I will root for them through thick and thin.

Though to be fair, this year is looking like things are heading in very positive directions for both teams, respectively. My WSU Cougs at least look like they can hang with tougher opponents (heaven forbid I somehow jinx the Cougs’ game today against USC). The Bengals have been consistently picked in the off-season as Super Bowl contenders with a ton of upside.

I like to think of this as years of patience as a fan, biding my time as I twiddled my thumbs for the season where I can say, “Yeah, my team(s) will not suck this season!”
And this brings me to why I am annoyed by fair weather fans in sports.

Fair Weather Fan

A fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. They basically have no real loyalty to the team, but still manage to get better seats than you at the game. Strangely they mysteriously vanish at the first sign of trouble.

In sports, we all know that guy/gal.

“Oh yeah! Steelers rule! Six rings, baby!”

“Oh man, I just love the (insert Super Bowl-winning team’s name here). (Insert that team’s slogan here).”

“What are you talking about? I have always been a fan of (insert name of high-profiled college team).”

Oh really? Can you even find the city of (insert name of team here) on a map?

Fair weather fans bother me because they are just trying to coast on a successful team’s winning record for the sake of saying they like this sort of team. And who could blame them? People like to stand behind teams that are winners, but at least I can say I have showed genuine loyalty to my main sports teams. You don’t see me shifting gears to like a random team for the time being when things go in a wrong direction.

And sure, it’s not always easy when your team shows no hope for a given season full of abysmal failure and days where you want to look away in horror. Nonetheless, the principle of supporting your team no matter how good/bad they are is important to me.

Fair weather fans will show their true colors when the team(s) they decide to cling to stop becoming relevant. They can spend all the money they want on those jerseys, hats and all that jazz, but we all know they will abandon ship when the opportunity presents itself. They will drop their “temporary” team just like a bad habit.

As for me, it’s always a “GO COUGS!” on Saturdays and a “WHO DEY!” on Sundays.


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Fair Weather Fans

  1. twohp2few September 8, 2013 / 2:59 pm

    I really hope your patience with the Bengals pays off soon. They look better and better each season, and they have some pretty good pieces in place.


    • Nhan-Fiction September 8, 2013 / 3:02 pm

      Yeah, unfortunately, the Bengals dropped their season opener on the road today. They literally threw away the win. That’s why in Solo Queue and life, you have to exclaim, “SAY NO TO THROW!” 😦


      • twohp2few September 8, 2013 / 3:06 pm

        Haha so true! Gotta give them credit though. Soldier Field is never an easy place to play, and the Bears are not easy opponents. I’m curious to see how they’ll make out against the Steelers next week.


      • Nhan-Fiction September 8, 2013 / 3:30 pm

        The defense needs to step up for the Steelers. The Chicago game was disappointing for the Bengals’ defensive unit.


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