My Five “Bad Luck” Champs

league-of-legends-fan-art:Another piece of amazing artwork!Credits go to MonoriRogue

I have played a lot of “League of Legends.” And throughout my various games, I have come across many champions who I absolutely hate having on my team or going against for a multitude of reasons.

In particular, I have a set of champions who I set aside as my “bad luck” ones. They receive this distinction for me because they always happen to invoke unhealthy rage out of me, more often than not.

These “bad luck” champs often create these circumstances for me:

  • These champions, whether they are on my team or on the opposing side, often cause me to stare at the “Defeat” screen in the end.
  • When these champions are on my team, the allies I often get playing them usually suck with them, as in they play so poorly with them that these characters look weak as heck.
  • Conversely, when these champions are on the other side, my enemies tend to play these champs ridiculously well and thus beat the crap out of allies and myself (basically, I fear for my chances of winning whenever these champions are my opponents).

This is all probably just superstition. However, I am a superstitious guy to begin with and losing against these champions so many times just keeps reinforcing the “bad luck” idea for me.

So without further ado, below is a list of the five champions who I consider “bad luck” in my book. If you ever decide to play a game with/against me, please take note of these five specific characters. The list below is in no particular order of significance, and I just decided to select one champion for each given role in the game. I also have even more “bad luck” champs than the ones mentioned in the list.

1. Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow
Besides being outright overpowered from a design perspective (he has the best of both worlds as a ranged and melee champ), Jayce’s smug expression has always annoyed me. I hate his versatility and the fact that he is inherently strong to boot. When Jayce came out, he was deemed “underpowered” because no one knew how to play him properly. But boy, that all changed the moment people figured out how stupidly broken this guy is.

When Jayce is on My Team

  • My ally tends to “mess up” his form-changing mechanic, often using the wrong mode for the current situation.
  • My ally makes Jayce look ridiculously underwhelming and insignificant.
  • My ally often seems completely useless late game.

When Jayce is on the Other Team

  • The enemy seems adept at switching to the right mode on the fly.
  • The Jayce’s long-range pokes from afar chunk my teams’ health like we are all brittle and defenseless.
  • The Jayce just gets scarier and more threatening as the game drags on.

2. Lee Sin, the Blind Monk
Without a doubt, Lee Sin is the champion I HATE THE MOST IN THE GAME. I loathe the thought of ever having this guy on my team, but I dread facing him above all else. Lee Sin was designed to be the “cool” champion who could do a lot of funky tricks if you were skilled enough. His kit entails a lot of maneuvering around the battlefield. However, what this means is your chances of getting a “wannabe” are high. Crappy Lee Sin players stick out like a sore thumb, whereas the really good Lee Sin players will seem nearly invincible. I wish I could stop seeing Lee Sin in my games.

When Lee Sin is on My Team

  • My ally messes up his skill combos a lot.
  • My ally seems more focused on “showing off” than being effective.
  • My ally seems completely clueless throughout the entire game.

When Lee Sin is on the Other Team

  • Seemingly plays like he is inSec.
  • Makes plays against my team constantly and just pops up out of nowhere.
  • Disruptive, clutch and beats the crap out of my team.


3. Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Gosh, do I hate seeing this girl’s borderline wicked smile. Yeah, that’s the grin of a sadistic person who fires lasers of death at her targets. For a supposed “high skill” champ, Lux just makes it look easy … when she is on the other team. Meanwhile, I keep getting the Lux players who quite frankly just aren’t that bright (bad pun is bad).

When Lux is on My Team

  • My ally misses too many skill-shots on a champion who has all skill-shots.
  • Make Lux’s damage output seem nonexistent.
  • Cannot position themselves out of harm’s way.

When Lux is on the Other Team

  • Lands just about all their skill-shots.
  • Nukes my team down from afar with laser precision (the DEMACIA yell will forever be etched into my soul at this rate).
  • Snowballs out of control.

———————————————————————————————————————4. Vayne, the Night Hunter
Straight up, Vayne is a broken champion for her role. She has just about everything you would want as a ranged carry. Extra movement speed for chasing, a mobility skill with an attack enhancer, true damage, a self-peeling skill in Condemn, an ultimate that gives her a lot of damage steroids AND makes her go into stealth briefly. The only thing Vayne is missing is a bit of range from her basic attack, but this is really moot. I hate seeing this sunglasses-wearing chick with a passion.

When Vayne is on My Team

  • My ally usually has horrible farming mechanics.
  • Cannot position to attack or protect themselves optimally.
  • Demands “peeling” when they are just being bad and cannot abuse Vayne’s power.

When Vayne is on the Other Team

  • Plays like Doublelift.
  • Can kill literally every single member on my team when snowballing.
  • Hyper carries like no other.


5. Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem
As easily the most banned support champion in draft/ranked games, Blitzcrank is truly a terrifying champion to go against for his signature Rocket Grab alone. A Blitzcrank can miss a lot of their grabs all game, but that one time you happened to let this robot get his hands on you can mean game over right there. In addition, Blitzcrank also provides a knock-up and a silence in an area of effect (which is rare for LoL, so it makes it more dangerous to go against). Fear the robot.

When Blitzcrank is on My Team

  • Misses too many grabs.
  • Dies excessively.
  • Grabs the “wrong” champ (i.e. Amumu) in a team fight.

When Blitzcrank is on the Other Team

  • Hardly misses their grabs. Can execute pro pulls on my teammates left and right.
  • Difficult to kill.
  • Always making clutch plays as a support.

In short, if I ever went into a game and came across the aforementioned champions as the opposing team’s lineup … Well, quite frankly, I would have half a mind to think the universe is punishing me or something.

What are your “bad luck” champs?


6 thoughts on “My Five “Bad Luck” Champs

  1. twohp2few September 9, 2013 / 6:22 pm

    Any flavor of the month assassin. Put a Fizz or Zed on my team and they will contribute little or even feed. Put them on the other team and the game is over by 20 minutes.


  2. matthewchanyy September 9, 2013 / 10:28 pm

    So true =( Jax is the biggest one for me… followed by lux, darius, tryn, and shaco


  3. Khal Sagan September 11, 2013 / 1:18 pm

    Yi, Janna, & Garen…

    Especially in ARAMs.


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