What a ☆ Part 30

Nhan-Fiction Note: “WataMote” is awesome!

Please subscribe to Imoristar’s YouTube channel. She is such a !

I can’t even just speak normally
I really don’t know why
Am I dumb?

I’m all alone on my way home from school
I cannot say goodbye to anyone
Sitting … waiting wont change anything
That’s it! This is the beginning!

Man, everything’s so much easier online
It’s been awhile since I’ve last spoken (cough)
Being in sun or rain won’t change anything
That’s it! It really isn’t my fault at all!

So what if I have no friends?
So what if I’m all alone?
You know, if I get serious, I will be popular!

Oh, mirror, mirror on that wall, will you shatter? Will you fall?
Not at all! You must stop! Nevermore!
Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall, you don’t have to say it at all!
Just pretend you can’t hear it

You never reflect what’s inside – my beautiful, inner self
All those doubts, in your head, that is all
You only show this unappealing side of me that I can see
Time to face the truth!

Tomorrow is just like yesterday
I really don’t know why
I’m so dumb!


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