Pet Peeve: Redirecting Blame

In “League of Legends,” a line I keep uttering to myself constantly is … “Scrubs find scapegoats.” 

What I mean is, bad players always have to find someone/something to blame when they screw up. LoL is a game built upon capitalizing on mistakes, whether how small or large of an impact they may be in the grand scheme of things.

It could be missing an entire wave of minions to last hit as the ADC or whiffing your Smite for the Dragon, but every kind of “error” does affect the end result. The notion of blame, however, appears more significant than anything else.

Naturally, people do not like having blame being focused on themselves, so the self-defense mechanism is to try pawning said blame on someone else when possible.
Example Scenario: A teammate of yours is caught by the opposing team in a disadvantageous location. Your allies attempt to help your caught teammate, but a “hopping on a sinking ship” situation occurs and everyone on your team is killed in the process.

Your allies, of course, start getting mad at your ally for going somewhere they should not have been in, but the ally becomes defensive and tries to blame someone else for their mistake.

“Oh, it’s because the support isn’t warding!”

This prompts an argument from the support to say they should not be blamed. A flame war ensues.
In this scenario, players have become naturally fixated on pointing the finger at the caught ally. And regardless of who is technically “correct” in this case, redirecting blame is ultimately counterproductive and toxic for your team’s goal of winning.

Think about it.

Whomever “wins” this blame game does not change the fact that the bad scenario occurred. Bear in mind that more negative situations can and will occur for the rest of the match, and if a separate blame game is triggered for even a few of these cases, then it is no surprise if your team ends up losing in the end.

Blaming others is one of the easiest ways in LoL to create a vile vibe for your team’s morale. Games can be lost solely because everyone is playing under an angry and agitated mood. It does not take much for someone to get rattled by a few doses of the blame game.

In other words, to blame someone is quite lame because it HURTS your allies.

Everyone in LoL is guilty of being the guy/gal who attempts to shift blame around. Myself included. People in LoL make mistakes all the time. No one is perfect.

At the very least, at l can say that I will be the first to admit when I genuinely mess up in any given situation. I will man up and blame myself if I do something horribly wrong.

Granted, I wish this could be said about my allies.

I swear that my recent matches of LoL have been overrun with too many players who care more about not being blamed for whatever it may be. They fight you tooth and nail over stupid scenarios, and instead of letting it go and just moving on with the match, they seem to obsess over redirecting blame.

Was it your fault?

Yes or no?

There. No matter how you answer, dwelling on it doesn’t do crap. It won’t change what happened back then, so you need to shift your focus on the now.

So remember: “Scrubs find scapegoats.” 

Own up to your errors, improve as a player and rise up to become better than mediocrity.

I strongly believe that an emphasis of LoL is overcoming adversity as a team (and this entails dealing with blame games and whatnot) to come out victorious.


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Redirecting Blame

  1. phoenolf October 6, 2013 / 12:39 am

    I believe this explains what happens to me in some of the LoL games I played, before the match starts, we all go to our positions (I play co-op vs com matches a lot), the match starts, each one does there own thing until at some point, one of the teammates gets in trouble and messes up and the other goes to help the troubled teammate and I am left going against two champions (always happens to me >__< ).


  2. zamboangamer039 October 6, 2013 / 3:54 am

    I couldn’t focus much on the topic because of the pretty pictures XD


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