Pet Peeve: Toxic Community Members

As much as I love being part of the “League of Legends” community, I hate the fact that an abundance of toxic players exist. Whether it is due to a lack of maturity or just a matter of some players just being naughty players for the sheer sake of it, toxic players do detract from the entire LoL experience.

Unfortunately, toxic players come in many vile forms, and sometimes it does come down to picking your poison as to whom you would rather deal with in your given match.

Below are five types of toxic players who I despise (not including trolls who set out to ruin games on purpose because they are a given).

In no particular order of significance.

1. The Pub Star
Don’t get me wrong. I do believe some swag is necessary if you want to get good at a video game, or anything for that matter, but there is always that point where one is just being an annoying showboat.

The pub star often put themselves in the same vein as higher-level pros. And sure, some of these guys and gals do have some noteworthy skills to their names, but their attitude often stinks.

A pub star thinks highly of themselves. They are the ones who brag about their feats of high-kill games that they just “carried in.” They boast about how they will win the game for you without breaking a sweat.

And you may be asking, “How is this all bad?”

Well, a pub star always comes off as smug, and thus they are naturally difficult to rally behind when they are just pushy. Instead of leading their allies toward victory, they often “isolate” themselves as being above their teammates.

And of course, when things go south during your LoL match, expect the air of confidence from the pub star to devolve into a transition of blaming their teammates, flaming and coughing up excuses.

“OMG, this team is too heavy! I can’t carry this!”

Expect them to flame you for stupid things, nitpicking you over things that probably do not make sense. They will try to rationalize why they somehow underperform after proclaiming how good they are.

Basically, pub stars are toxic because they reflect every negative stereotype of a player in LoL who constantly goes into every game with the “It’s not me – it’s my teammates’ fault if I do bad!” mentality.

2. The Rager
I will openly admit that I find myself raging a lot when I play LoL, BUT I often do it out loud and try to avoid raging in-game.

I attribute a lot of my rage toward my erratic mood swings that I do in fact suffer from in real life. Plus, I am aware of how much a hostile vibe for your team’s morale quickly leads to defeats.

In LoL, there are plenty of things to get mad about because of the nature of the game. Every single mistake detracts from your team’s collective chance of winning, and thus some errors are bound to occur at all levels of play. However, some people just have short fuses and just let their rage get the best of them.


The rage gets so bad that you wonder how absurd a person’s tantrum can be for an online game. I have seen my share of horrible raging because I have reached my boiling point here and there as well.

But believe me – I often am one of the first players on my team to tell people to calm the heck down. Honestly, I see too much raging over silly things.

It is no fun to play a game brimming with unpleasant ire and fury. No one wants to deal with this kind of environment. No one.

3. The Inconsiderate One
People have feelings.

I know. It’s outstanding how the community forgets this.

The inconsiderate one is just that guy or gal who tosses out the negative comments without realizing how toxic their words are.

“You don’t know how to last hit.”

“You are so bad at positioning.”

“My mom can play top lane better than you.”

Think of each “critique” as a jab toward that person’s ability as a player. At first, it probably will sting a little, but over time the jabs take their toll and really do some damage.

The fact is, many players in LoL do not have thick skins to tolerate and brush off these minor and major cases of verbal abuse. Even if someone does not intend anything overly mean or nasty with their comments, I am certain the average player is going to take something the wrong way.

The inconsiderate one is toxic because they create distractions for your team. Many situations of people “defending” themselves from an inconsiderate one’s oncoming onslaught of criticism can quickly escalate into something far, far worse.

And I always want to interject and say, “WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY?! PROVE THEM WRONG!”

Your words matter. The nicer you are, the better off you will be in getting others to play better as a team.

4. The Weak-willed/Quick-to-give-up Person
You want to know what phrase in LoL really grinds my gears?

“I’m done!”

I loathe seeing these words whenever they are uttered after something awful happens.

What do you mean you’re done with the game already? It’s just First Blood! It’s only been five minutes!

The weak-willed one usually wants to surrender at the 20-minute mark when the game clearly is not over yet.

I seriously hate this kind of attitude from players who throw in the towel too early. What is worse is their performance starts to go even more downhill from the moment they say they have given up.

If people have this weak of a will to play out a LoL match, then they should go play Tic-tac-toe instead.

LoL naturally boils down to a game of resilience and trying to persevere against tough opponents. It is toxic to concede with yourself mentally when victory has not been decided yet.

5. The Extremely Unskilled One (in Ranked Games)
Let’s be blunt here: some people just outright suck at LoL.

With millions-and-counting players in LoL, you are bound to get someone you can call “bad” in the community.

But I am a believer in context. We all have to start somewhere. And heck, I am still learning. I dub myself as a decent player, but I know I have my in-game flaws and weaknesses.

Nonetheless, I always try my given best in ranked games where I think genuine effort matters most.

However, the players who are just terribad (I even linked to Urban Dictionary) in ranked games just annoy the crap out of me. I think they are probably one of the most toxic players you can get on your team.

And this goes far beyond just someone who has a bad game or two (we all get them).

By extremely unskilled, I mean the guy or gal who is just ridiculously terrible at the game (in your ranked match). They are the ones who you suspect Elo-boosted their way to their current rating.

Laughable fundamentals.

Tunnel vision-level awareness.

Low-level understanding of mechanics.

They. Are. Just. Bad.

Some would argue that I shouldn’t be so judgmental over someone who is unskilled in ranked, but I always emphasize the RANKED part of the mode.

Quite frankly, lots of toxic behavior begins when an extremely unskilled person prompts someone to turn toxic. It’s a sad, but true fact.

Who often prompts the pub star to become volatile? Someone being unskilled.

Who often causes the rager to rage? Someone being unskilled.

Who often causes the inconsiderate one to insult others? Someone being unskilled.

Finally, who has the most chances of causing a weak-willed person to consider forfeiting? Someone being unskilled.

Someone who is extremely bad at LoL should probably stick to less-intense games like normal or bot matches, especially if they have a casual attitude for the mode.

In other words, being unskilled can be toxic in its own ways.

Not everyone has to play like a pro at LoL to play ranked, but there is certainly a bare minimum that people should be capable of before they risk becoming an instant liability in every ranked match.


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Toxic Community Members

  1. jenusingword October 20, 2013 / 9:39 am

    I’m really glad that you wrote this because I don’t play, I’m not a gamer at all, but my boyfriend is. And he spends a lot of time with his gaming. And I have trouble following along to things and whether he’s being a bit dramatic at times when he tells me he can’t leave a game. I’m going to show him this later and find out where he fits in. I suspect “the rager” but again, I don’t play. You have confirmed to me though that he is a loyal teammate. I could bribe him with anything and he would not leave. If the house were on fire, even then I suspect he’d be hesitant.


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