Abide by the Vibe: Numb

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

Do you ever feel “numb” in life? As in, it seems like you are losing that sense of feeling to make you experience emotions.

This applies to a lot of things. The elements that make you happy, sad, mad and everything else in between.

It just seems like people can become numb to life itself, and this is not ideal of course. One should embrace life and find the things that make you feel alive.

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”


5 thoughts on “Abide by the Vibe: Numb

  1. pyrusic November 19, 2013 / 12:23 am

    I can understand if someone ends up disliking me for saying this: Sometimes, I’d rather feel terrible than feel “nothing at all”. It’s probably its own feeling, that grating emptiness. The boredom.


  2. zhai2nan2 November 19, 2013 / 5:30 am

    I think despair and resentment are much like coffee. They are addictive drugs, no one admits that they are dangerous, and it’s impossible to find a place where they’re not available.

    But it is possible to quit, even coffee, and likewise one can choose not to entertain negative emotions. It requires patience, confidence, willingness to accept.


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