The Play-Setter and Playmaker Part 5

Branching Out
League of Legends” has tons of champions these days, so there are plenty of choices to make as to who to play. To find new inspiration in a champion you once despised for whatever reason is always an enlightening experience.

Maokai, the Twisted Treant, was a champion I once deemed “stupid” and trashy, but then I found myself really getting into Maokai near the end of Season 3.

I attribute the sudden interest to watching the Pro Player Pick vid below.

Wooden Warrior
With Maokai, I enjoy how I can stick to my play-setter roots while being a playmaker at the same time. Maokai definitely reflects characteristics of both player types.

Maokai provides excellent utility in the form of his saplings to scout, strong crowd control with his Arcane Smash and Twisted Advance abilities, plus his ultimate is superb for mitigating lots of damage from the enemy team.

In addition, Maokai throws people off because he is relatively unpopular these days in the light of flashier junglers. Nonetheless, when you see a walking, imposing tree of death heading your way … BETTER WATCH OUT!



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