2 thoughts on “Direct

  1. Sharon Brooks December 10, 2013 / 9:52 am

    Following a voice as if its the scent of a freshly baked pie, and then one day, you’re just not so sure where it went. The clouds of uncertainty move in and the shore is not easily seen. A feeling of being alone at sea overcomes you when you realize the manual on ‘How to Operate the Boat’ you are reading has a word, sentence, paragraph and/or page missing. * laughs* There are funnier moments to dwell on, this isn’t one of them. Looking for a star of familiarity to guide you back onto a track that up until now you didn’t realize you had veered off of. * smiles* I didn’t resist the large wave dropping itself onto my boat, but I did curse it. And then, as I kept on course, suddenly out of nowhere there it was… Land! What a relief once again to see the sun shining in all her glory. When I think I get it… I do not, and when I think I don’t get it…I do. * sighs* The journey is like a razors edge. Make sure you have a good sexton. Trust with all your heart and stop trying to read the manual with a finite mind. 1 part brave, 3 parts fool.


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