The 54th Deadline: Direction

The 54th Deadline: Life is a series of chances to achieve something by a given point. You might very well miss out on opportunities if you are not careful. However, I firmly believe that God gives us plenty of means to find our way, even if we mess up here and there. After all, life demands deadlines. Try and try again until your goals and dreams are realized. Strive to finish on a successful note with whatever you set out to do. Always.

I think we all feel like we’re running around in circles at times. We are in such a rush to go somewhere that we don’t think about the actual direction.

It’s important and vital to have a destination in mind. You can travel a million miles physically, mentally and emotionally, but it doesn’t mean anything if you end up nowhere ideal.

I have learned this the hard way over the years. The short story: I became lost here and there, but now I am trying to get back on track.

For some people, the journey is a tad easier. The path is laid out right in front of them. They might as well have neon arrows pointing them in the right direction constantly.

However, for others like myself, it never seems so obvious.

Basically, I have direction now. Things make a lot more sense. Going from point A to point B/C/any other letter feels like quite the accomplishment. All things considered.


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