MOBA Monday: Prepping for the Fourth LoL Season

MOBA Monday: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.

Season’s Greetings
League of Legends has started its fourth season of ranked play, and I am quite frankly a bit terrified and reluctant to jump on board the rank train … at least just yet.

The beginning of any League season is tricky because everyone is just trying to wedge through the perpetual gate all at the same time, overly eager to get a head start into a high rating. However, what this means is a lot of unpredictable chaos in itself.

You are going to get a lot of mediocre-or-worse players mucking up game quality while the decent-and-up ones try to power their way through the madness. In other words, you aren’t going to know what you’re going to get the moment you queue up for a ranked game at this point.

Your first 10 games, the ones deemed as “match placement,” are also incredibly important. They determine where you will start this season (Silver, Gold and so forth). It is paramount to do well in these games and try to come out the victor in most of them.

If you perform decently, the highest you can end up in is Platinum I. Then again, I have a few Diamond friends who have already found themselves sitting in Gold because of their erratic placement matches that sent them below Platinum level for the season’s start.

Nonetheless, I think they will probably be fine. They’re good enough of players to climb up. But for my sake, I want to make sure I can build up my own rating within a reasonable of time with fewer headaches and less nights where I want to go cry in the corner because of “Elo Hell.”

After all, my goal is to call myself a legitimate Diamond player. I came a little short last season, but I only had myself to blame myself because I went against my own strategies.

This season, I plan on being more disciplined.

It’s All in the Preparation

Below are five concepts I want to bring back and follow religously. I believe that earning the Diamond rating should be reasonable if I follow these concepts as personal guidelines.

1. Play Fewer Champions in Ranked

I already put together a new Fantastic 15 a few weeks back.

Basically, playing fewer champs in ranked would create a lot more consistency. Don’t get me wrong – it’s good that some players have a vast champion pool they can utilize, but I want to approach this with efficiency in mind.

Using fewer champions, especially ones I understand how to play at a suitable level, helps a lot in this regard. I will admit Season 3 of LoL had a lot of matches where I just decided to play x champion because I could.

If I try to stick to less champions while squeezing out more impact from the characters I understand and have mastered, I’ll be much better off.

There are many players who rise up in ranked matches because they spam the same champions over and over again until they have them down to a science.

2. Play Fewer Ranked Games
This is something I really want to change about seasons past.

I ended up shredding my own Matchmaking Rating (MMR) because I would just play throwaway games that bloated up my game count. My MMR got gimped and then it became harder and harder to climb the ranked ladder.

If I approach ranked play as a series of individual races versus treating it like a long-winded marathon, I can rank up with less stress.

3. I Must Play Well Individually
Every game I queue up for ranked, I have to play as well as I can for that given game.

I want to make less excuses for my teammates being bad or worse. If I were any decent at the game, I should be able to carry my allies to victory.

This is a huge shift in a certain mentality for me. I used to think I could just aid my teammates to a “W,” but now I want to try seizing victory like my life depends on it.

4. I Must Constantly Be Aware of the Trends
League is seriously a revolving door of what is hot and what’s not.

Literally, every week seems to entail something different being “in style.” A champion. An item build. A strategy. Anything.

To be up to date with all of this is a test of player skill in itself. I must make sure I remain diligent in keeping up with everything that is popular in the League scene. To master this will mean I can always stay in touch with the “metagame.”

5. I Have to Remember that Toxic Players Exist
You can’t win every League game. This is a fact.

Toxic players, individuals who ruin your game of League in some fashion, are a dime a dozen in this game.

I have to realize that as much as I want to do something about them, they are probably going to cause me to lose a match or two.

All I can really do is hope these toxic players get their just desserts at some point and I move on with my League life.

Plenty of Time
Finally, I need to remember that there is plenty of time to approach ranked play at my leisure.

The more I treat it as a chore, the less tolerable it becomes. I probably will end up doing my placement games soon anyway. I guess I don’t want to be overly paranoid about this whole mode.

You can’t be brave enough to win if you’re too afraid of losing.


3 thoughts on “MOBA Monday: Prepping for the Fourth LoL Season

  1. twohp2few January 20, 2014 / 11:05 pm

    I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned this before, but I just want to reconfirm as we head into the new season, is there a specific position you’ll be trying to play most games out of this season?

    I know you are very versatile, but sticking with your point on how a lot of the high ranked players play one champ and turn it into a science, a lot of those same players are masters of only one or two roles. I was wondering if you had a plan for this.


    • Nhan-Fiction January 21, 2014 / 12:26 am

      I consider jungling as my best role. My main type of jungling is through the use of play-setter junglers like Maokai. So ideally, I will try to grab hold of the jungle slot. If not, then I am fine with being plugged in into other slots.

      One of my biggest gripes is when I get someone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t know how to play any given role in a ranked game. This in itself is a liability. And hence why I am so ready for ranked queues to have Team Builder put in as the default standard (hopefully) at some point this season.

      I swear that a chunk of games are lost at champ select because people troll and don’t accommodate with the roles.

      In regards to people who pick few champs to specialize in, this is very smart to do. I have lost many games to people who play like hundreds of games with a given champ. The amount of experience and mastery in their skills show, at least on that character.


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