Past & Lesson


One thought on “Past & Lesson

  1. gaikokumaniakku January 24, 2014 / 5:56 pm

    By forgetting the past but remembering the lesson, I guess you mean being brave enough to let go of yesterday’s pain. That’s a very difficult sort of bravery – I usually cling to the worst aspects of my own past experiences.

    Since you tagged this with “depression,” I’ll pass along something about hope that I saw on another blog:

    there is a man that once said:’Every day we are born again, what we do with that day is what matters.’

    … It takes but a few seconds to smile at a stranger, a loved one, even at yourself in the mirror, a little event of selfless love that we can create.

    If you can’t give advice, sit for a moment on the stairs, a rock or a chair. Close your mind. Think of your friend’s or the stranger’s problem. You might not be able to fix it but talk about it softly in your heart, wishing that that problem may be resolved and start to hope that it will. Hope is a funny thing with a life of its own… imagine if that hope grows and the problem gets fixed or go away…

    There is power in positivity, for a second, minute or an hour a little hope or positivity can create a seed, that seed can grow and something good can come forth.


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