MOBA Monday: Balance & Viability

MOBA Monday: 
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.
The notion of balance in regards to viability is a very subjective term in League of Legends. At least, it is in the sense that many players have varying opinions on what is considered OK and imbalanced.

The more I discuss on the official forums about why my favorite champion in the game, Fiora, needs to get buffed/remade, the more I realize how difficult it is to balance LoL as a whole. In Fiora’s case, she is a relatively solid champion, but she is nowhere beyond a mid-tier character at best.

All she brings to the table is damage, and other champions can bring damage and other goodies with more consistency. Nonetheless, I love Fiora to death because she is thematically an interesting character in my book, but her gameplay design leaves a lot to be desired.

If I magically could improve Fiora this very instant based on my own opinions, I personally would choose to emphasize Fiora’s 1v1 nature as a duelist. I would give her more tools to work with to shore up her mismatches in the top lane in particular, while of course I would do so within reason.

Though this French lady is my favorite champ in the game, I don’t necessarily want to see her elevated into an overpowered state. I simply want to see her be considered viable within her own niche. That is all.

However, there are many opinions within just the thread I posted that state, “Fiora is fine, so don’t change her” or something else along this same train of thought. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all, but I can at least say with complete honesty that Fiora needs some upgrades to patch up her underpowered areas.

For instance, Fiora’s skill-set as a whole is lacking that “oomph” aspect to bring it all together. I can play Fiora just fine, but I always feel like I am missing something to round out her overall performance.

Regardless, I long for the day that this Darling Duelist of mine gets plenty of attention from Riot. Fiora … future Flavor of the Month character? I hope so. 🙂


One thought on “MOBA Monday: Balance & Viability

  1. Keifeto Darkles February 18, 2014 / 5:03 am

    Fiora is one of my Favorite Champions (though i cant play her well…yet >_>) and my best friend devastates as her. shes an amazing Champion :3 would love to see her get some more attention


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