Card Me: Charging Badger

Card Me: A favorite hobby of mine is playing card games. There is just something really remarkable about how laying cardboard onto a table can bring people together for lots of fun/frustration. As a naturally shy person in real life, I enjoy how card games can bring me out of my shell for quite the social activity.

Charging Badger shows no mercy.

Card Name: Charging Badger
Mana Cost: Green
Converted Mana Cost: 1
Types: Creature — Badger
Card Text: Trample
Flavor Text: “If the hierarchies of nature were determined by ferocity alone, the badger would be lord of the beasts.”
—Anthousa of Setessa
P/T: 1 / 1
Expansion: Born of the Gods (Common) Born of the Gods
Rarity: Common
Card Number: 118
Artist: Raoul Vitale
Don’t mess with this 1/1 tramplin’ badger. It’s gonna bite your ankles.


2 thoughts on “Card Me: Charging Badger

  1. Robin February 23, 2014 / 9:06 pm

    Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and–

    >:c Charging badger


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