To Live by a New Motto

Hi there. My name is Nhan Pham, and this is my personal blog I have been using for three+ years now. However, for the past few months, I have been neglecting this site for whatever reason. Let’s just say a lot of things happened, which forced me to rethink everything from the ground up. Blogging has been a great means to relieve stress for me, but I fell into a real slump where even writing a post each day proved difficult without proper focus or motivation.

I want to change this fact from this point forward. The blog itself reflects my “pulse” and offers me a means to share my personality and various interests.

“Get good. Be better.”

This is the new motto I want to live by, not only for this blog, but in general. It has become apparent that if I want to get anywhere in life, I have to strive to improve myself in more facets. Being just proficient at something isn’t enough to me anymore. You have to go a step beyond and surpass individual thresholds and, most importantly, be able to stand with or above others in a respective area.

Life itself is one big competition, and it is about darn time I started to take the game seriously. I feel mentally ready to show what this “wild card” can do when the deck is stacked against me in more ways than one.

I intend to intensify my “side projects” and really let this blog reflect all the things that I am about as a person. But the important part is … it all begins now. No more excuses. No more stalling. The time is now.

Look out, world. Remember the name: Nhan Fiction.


2 thoughts on “To Live by a New Motto

  1. Elizabeth February 3, 2015 / 1:29 pm

    Great to meet another gaming writer. And thanks for liking my post! Looking forward to reading more of your NhanSense!


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