MOBA Monday: A Blast from the Past

MOBA Monday: 
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.

For a long while, I have had to do a bit of soul-searching as a gamer. Games are supposed to be fun, right? Games should bring you entertainment and all that jazz … However, my “main” game for the past four years, League of Legends, became anything but that at a certain point.

The moment I found myself being more agitated, stressed and even infuriated by League, the more I came to accept that it was probably my No. 1 source of all the negative feelings a human being shouldn’t have to endure on a daily basis, at least when it came from something that should make me happy.

And boy, I certainly wasn’t happy with League on many given days. It was always one thing or another. No matter if I was trying to play a “just for fun” match or something more serious with the game, I kept finding a boatload of reasons and (often illogical) excuses to rage.

It got downright unhealthy and unpleasant. I will admit I relied on League heavily as an outlet for excess emotions, but I think League was definitely spawning more bad feelings than getting rid of them. The balance definitely wasn’t there.

After a while, I just told myself that I needed an actual break from League. I am not saying I am quitting it cold turkey at this point by any means, but this was a really tough decision for me as a gamer.

I put in a lot of effort toward League, devoting most of my gaming attention into learning strategies, practicing mechanics, keeping up with the news and a whole lot more. The game has been important to me, but perhaps putting it aside for at least the time being will be best in the long haul.

As one can see with this blog’s new look, I will be switching over to Dota 2 in the meantime. The first Dota was what started this passion/obsession for the MOBA genre many years ago. I loved that game to death as well, so it’s a blast from the past for me to consider jumping into the rising-in-popularity sequel.

I look forward to it. It should be a very nifty and satisfying journey into familiar, yet totally different territory.

Unfortunately, Dota 2 will have to take over for my MOBA fix while League sits on the sidelines. This type of game, to me anyway, is something you can’t divide your attention with if you really want to create memorable and worthwhile experiences.

All right, it’s Dota 2 time. Bye bye, League (for now.)


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