Abide by the Vibe: Eyes Forward

Abide by the Vibe: Your everyday “vibe” is created on your own terms. Every action and thought will affect this “vibe” constantly. Will you choose to be fueled by a happy “vibe” or will you destroy yourself with a negative one?

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

Looking back at the past for too long is bad. And yet, I am someone who is guilty about doing so countless times.

What’s done is done. Water under the bridge. Certain ships have long sailed, and there isn’t a single thing I can do about it.

Triumphs, regrets, bad decisions, smart moves and everything else for that matter. I now adamantly believe that everything is just a work in progress toward one’s respective journey in this complex game called life. 

Instead of dwelling on what could have been, the ideal line of play is to keep your eyes forward and continue taking steps toward whatever the ultimate end goal is, whatever it may be.

It all comes to a screeching halt when you throw in the towel and say, “No more,” but I don’t intend to give up anytime soon. In fact, I am more determined than ever to figure out what my destiny entails. 

Progress requires proactive measures. Being reactive and waiting for things to come to you means you are never in control of what’s heading your way. 

I want to strive for an everyday vibe built on positive, productive energy.

Always with eyes forward. Never take more than a glimpse back at the past if you can help it. Your destination is in front of you.

Everything behind you has already become a memory.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction
Side note, I am loving the Tales of Xillia/Tales of Xillia 2 games, respectively. Both are very fun and interesting titles for those of you who like Japanese RPG fare. 

Ayumi Hamasaki – “Progress”

English Translation of Lyrics
I was there, at that time, at that place
If the me who was fighting, if everything was for choosing this moment right now …

I wonder if the reason I want to forgive
That past when we deserted without facing ourselves is because I want to be forgiven

That time when we were able to just be free is far away
We can’t live in this time with just an innocent smile, but we move ahead
Even so, we continue to move ahead

Because we still have a heart left inside of us that wants to believe in something


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