The 54th Deadline: Victories & Defeats

The 54th Deadline: Life is a series of chances to achieve something by a given point. You might very well miss out on opportunities if you are not careful. However, I firmly believe that God gives us plenty of means to find our way, even if we mess up here and there. After all, life demands deadlines. Try and try again until your goals and dreams are realized. Strive to finish on a successful note with whatever you set out to do. Always.
I hate losing. Plain and simple.

But you win some and you lose some. This is the nature of any game out there, or life for that matter. It would be cool to nab multiple victories and rack up a ton of back-to-back W’s in a row, but you are going to see the “loser L” here and there.

This “I want to win” mentality is something I really have been emphasizing for myself over the years. I think being taught it’s OK to lose is wrong.

Yes, you are bound to suffer defeat at some point, depending on what the competition or activity may be. However, I don’t think one should be content about a loss. Ever. Otherwise, you begin to set low expectations for yourself, which isn’t ideal by any means.

The way I see it, one should learn to desire victory all the time. Some of the best people out there in my book were simply individuals who wanted success more than others. They went that extra mile that made all the difference in the world so they could chill out in the winner’s circle in the end.

I want to find myself in the winner’s circle as well. I just gotta keep trying, never giving up with a tenacious spirit.

 “Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


One thought on “The 54th Deadline: Victories & Defeats

  1. asklotta September 4, 2014 / 2:17 am

    “one should learn to desire victory all the time.”…Very powerful words when applied to good…But very scary words when applied to evil.


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