Song 4 U

I am enjoying Tales of Xillia 2 as a side game I have been playing. Very fun and interesting. I love the featured song as well. I think it really describes my life to a T at the moment. 

Ayumi Hamasaki – “Song 4 U”

English Translation of Lyrics
Even now, I still don’t have that much confidence
There are times I can’t step forward

If you think to yourself, if I make a mistake or if I look back
What will happen?

If it’s just that you can’t make a choice
Then there’s no need to worry
But then, you also won’t be able to change

When was it? What happened?
They said it was no good anymore
That it was all over
At that time

What was it? Who was it?
Even so, the reason I was able to somehow think and move ahead once again

To you, yeah
I believe I’m believed in

For you, yeah
I feel like I can even fly in the sky
Only if it’s for your sake

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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