Abide by the Vibe: Structure

Abide by the Vibe: Your everyday “vibe” is created on your own terms. Every action and thought will affect this “vibe” constantly. Will you choose to be fueled by a happy “vibe” or will you destroy yourself with a negative one?
“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

For the past summer, the concept of “structured success” has grown apparent in my day-to-day life. Every little thing adds up toward the big picture, which is something that eluded me during some of my darker days full of self-destructing, inner turmoil.

Basically, it all boils down to three aspects: mind, body and soul. Without an appropriate balance between all three, one’s homeostasis goes out of whack.

When one part of the machine is broken, you as the individual need to fix or improve that malfunctioning part. It is the only proper way of seeing everything function correctly again. 

For me, this is how I have been tackling each element for my well-being:

1) Mind
I consider myself to be a smart person in my own ways, but I have not been smart about a ton of things throughout the years. See the difference? The human brain is capable of so much potential, but its capabilities are only realized when you push the right buttons.

Each day, I try to find some sort of means to stimulate all the ideas and thoughts circulating in my mind. The immediate goal? Well, that’s to prove to the world how intelligent I can really be when I stop holding myself mentally back.

2) Body
I haven’t told many people about this, but I have been on a particular diet/workout plan for quite some time now. It’s actually nearing the end of one particular program, but I plan on hopping into the next sequence to keep the process going.

What can I say? I have lost a lot of weight, I feel physically stronger, I feel healthier, I sleep better, I have more energy … and so forth. Committing to an ideal lifestyle, in terms of eating smarter and exercising throughout the week, has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I almost didn’t pull the trigger at the start of the summer, but I am glad I did.

This is coming from someone who has never been good at following diets, opting instead to eat a ton of junk food with a huge penchant for stuffing my face full of sweets. I also have always been someone who used to hate working out with a passion, but this lifestyle switch has changed my tune at the very least.

It initially required a lot of discipline and willpower. I had a lot of bad habits, such as always eating certain types of unhealthy foods that I would crave constantly.

But after a while, I stopped feeling like an out-of-shape couch potato all the darn time. I have a long ways to go in terms of where I want to be physically, but I can’t wait to see what happens next if I continue to commit to change.

Baby steps. Everything worthwhile takes time.

3) Soul
Life made a lot more sense to me when I started to believe in the notion of God. 

This isn’t about religion or all of that jazz. It’s all about realizing that God’s greatest gift to you as a person is for you to live your life.

I must have faith in God. Soul is something I think a lot of people neglect.

So in short, incorporating more structure in my everyday activities has made me feel mentally, physically and soulfully enriched as a person. I have to stay focused to get where I need to be.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


4 thoughts on “Abide by the Vibe: Structure

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