Daily NhanSense – Day 33

Daily NhanSense: Every day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 33’s Topic: Writing.

I want to think that writing is my knack, as in it’s something God wants me to do with my life. There are times with this blog I really do believe I can blast out a good read, and then there are some other days where I do not get the creative juices flowing enough to muster anything worthwhile.

I have a particular fondness for using simple, but easy-to-understand writing because I opt for clarity rather than the fancy stuff. Journalism school taught me well, don’t you think?

I dislike using “expensive” vocab words unless I really need to, especially those $20+ words that have you looking up on dictionary.com on the double because you might as well be reading something foreign (e.g. 辞書.)

It’s my style, and it’s what I like to stick to when I write. I realize I may not win a lot of bonus points for articulating my blog posts or other writing pieces with my methods, but I stand by my content on a good day.

My teacher in fifth grade even pulled me aside from the rest of the class walking into the music room to tell me how much she liked my short story I wrote for a random assignment. That was quite the encouraging day for my fifth-grade mind. Little did I know, though, I would make English words my spiel as I got older.

But I wasn’t that keen on the creative elements of writing at first. Nope. Technical stuff was my forte. Finding typos like a needle in a haystack was my “talent.” I also could detect grammar flops that people used all the time.

But, of course, no one really likes a Grammar Nazi. Over time, I have tried to find more of a balance between technical and creative writing. These days, the latter is more than necessary for certain ideas I want to develop. Hint. Hint.

In the meantime, to those who like my writing style, I say thank you!

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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