Everyday NhanSense – Day 6

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 6’s Topic: Burying the past.
As I restructure this blog to my liking and continue to add more elements, while cleaning up the aspects that I don’t need anymore and whatnot, I came to realize that I have been keeping a lot of things around in an unhealthy way.

I am someone who dreads throwing things away unless I absolutely need to. In fact, I can say without hesitation that I probably cling on to many things, both in real life and online, beyond that of a normal person.

But it had to be done. It may not seem like much on the surface, but I decided to delete the entire “Past Blog Posts” page off this blog. All of the content within the page still exists on this blog, so it’s not like I destroyed the posts themselves with fire.


However, deleting the page itself was quite liberating, I have to say …

Don’t get me wrong, though. A lot of posts on that page are/were in fact important to me in different shapes and forms. I poured my heart and soul into writing out those posts. They may not mean much to a lot of people, but they certainly hold a lot of personal value in my book.

But again, it had to be done. It just had to be done.

For my sake, I needed to think about burying the past. Yes, there were good times reflected in some of those blog posts. There were some crummy times discussed in some posts as well. Regardless of what was showcased in those particular posts, I just had to stop caring about the whole page and just discard it entirely.

As a wise person once taught me once, there are times you have to have a funeral with people and things in your life. When things become dead to you, you hold a funeral for them. It’s the necessary, expected outcome.

By deleting the page, I at least rid myself of the temptation of clicking on the link and browsing through all of those posts again. Sure, the nostalgia may be fun to revisit, but everything is now just a memory, for better or for worse. When I can eliminate the means of dwelling on what’s behind me, I can at least have a chance to move on with life.

This is healthy. This is ideal. After all, people need to worry about moving forward. What’s ahead of them is what will decide how life turns out.

Besides, my goal with this blog is to enhance it and really motivate myself to make this entire setup something special. Something truly special …

That’s the plan, anyway. I want to add more things, get more projects going, but this all takes some baby steps. In the meantime, I want to scrape together some gumption and learn how to stop letting the past anchor me from progress.

For now, I can let out a sigh of relief that I am done padding the dirt on one facet of my past that I can forget about. The shovel’s still in my hand, however. There are plenty more things I need to bury around here …

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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