Everyday NhanSense – Day 19

Rin from the anime called "Little Busters."
Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 19’s Topic: Cats.
I miss my two kitties … Tux and Kuro. Like, you don’t even know. It was an unfortunate consequence of my move over to this new town I am living in now – I had to leave my two babies behind.


As much as I would have liked to bring my two cats with me, I had to make a tough decision about whether I would risk dragging them into unknown territory and if I could practically afford to keep taking care of them.

Ultimately, I made the right move, but it’s still a crappy choice to me nonetheless. In a perfect world, I could have taken my two kitties with me. But alas, life isn’t always fair in this regard.

But again, people don’t know how much I love these two ever-so-cuddly furballs. I was with them the since day one when they were brought home as tiny, adorable and puffy balls of joy who mewed at everything, as they were just always so curious about the world.


I will never forget these two cats for as long as I live.


Tux, named for his tuxedo coat pattern, proved to be incredibly smart and cunning. Even as a little kitty, he was always the first to explore his new surroundings and always encouraged his brother into doing both cool and naughty things (they weren’t supposed to jump on the kitchen counter, for instance.)

Heck, in the first week they were allowed to explore the house, Tux got his brother to follow him into the air vents, and we couldn’t find them for a whole day until they cried out for food.


Kuro, in which kuro (黒)  means black in Japanese, was the fuzzier, less adventurous of the two. He certainly was less outgoing than his brother, and to this day he still does not like being picked up and carried around the house. Nonetheless, he loved getting his belly rubbed and he always yearned for attention.

He was needier than his brother, but Kuro always tried to make your heart melt with his gentle purring and easygoing attitude.

Hi there.

Not to mention, these two cats were and always have been wonderfully close with each other. They always end up hanging out together at some point during the day. If one cat wasn’t home, the other would literally go outside to bring him back. This was a brotherly bond between cats I had never seen before to this degree.


It’s only been two months, and I just miss these two cats dearly. If it’s any consolation, I at least know they’re being taken care of in their current home. They will get plenty to eat, they have a lot of warm and high places to hang out in and they have an entire wetlands in the backyard to prowl.

I am just going through a lot of kitty withdrawals right now. Taking care of the cats every day was just ingrained into my routine. Anything within my power that I could do, I did for these cats.

I did things like staying up past 4 a.m. to wait for either of the cats to come back to scratch on the screen door. When a cat got stuck up on the roof, I, not being the tallest person in the world, stood up on a stack of chairs just to pull my cat down to safety. I’ve searched the neighborhood for them in the rain. I did all I could for these cats.

I am just certain these cats cared about me as much as I cared about them. I am going to miss seeing them jump onto the table beside me, meowing at me to play with them. I am going to miss the  sound of their little feet following me up the stairs to snuggle next to me when I took a nap. I’ll miss scratching underneath their little chins, poking the little beans on their paws … etc.

Trust me. Every random thing these cats did, whether it was bringing in a dead bird to try and impress me or just the sheer companionship of always coming over to greet me, I’ll always love these cats. Yes, they were my pets, but they were more than just animals to me.

I just don’t think getting other cats in the future will be the same. I just want these two particular brothers, this dynamic duo, back with me.

Tux and Kuro are my babies. My lovable, wonderful babies.

Take care, kitties.

Take care …

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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