Everyday NhanSense – Day 33

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 33’s Topic: College education.
College education is overrated. There. I have said it. But now for some context.

What exactly do I mean? Well, I just think all this fuss of pushing kids into pursuing “higher education” doesn’t mean what it used to just a few decades ago. It used to be getting a college degree, even a bachelor’s degree, meant you were essentially the cream of the crop as far as society goes.

With a degree in hand, you could find a dream job and make the big bucks. But these days, it just seems like the whole value of a college degree has inflated, essentially making it less special as generation after generation of young adults graduate from universities.

Diamonds wouldn’t be that valuable if they just rained from the sky, now would they? With that said, it’s the case for the college degree as well. Many people have one to their name, so it boggles the mind why kids are just pushed into the college path when it may not in fact be the best route.

I recall having the college plan drummed into my skull repeatedly since elementary, middle and high school. Go to college. Earn a degree. It’s important for your future. My teachers kept telling us students this over and over again.

As a college grad, I would literally tell high schools on the cusp of graduation to think twice about going to a university, community college or whatever. Unless you have a generous scholarship/practical means of funding your education, going to college is gonna cost you.

The financial commitment aside, a lot of students have no clue what they want to do the moment they step foot on campus. Will they major in art? In a science? In a foreign language? All of a sudden, college students are supposed to know all of this because, let’s face it, many kids aren’t gonna plan ahead properly.

So what happens? Kids either dink around, playing with the possibility of majoring in this or that, but they might just change majors because they feel like it. Of course, changing majors is essentially a waste of time if you do it too frequently, plus it’s gonna delay your graduation and add further confusion to the mess.

Ugh, good thing I just picked one major and stuck through it from day one.

Also, I have to be clear. It’s not to say I regret going to college or anything like that.

I enjoyed my time as a college student. I left with a degree, aspirations on the brain and minimal student loans to hold me down. Even then, I guess I am reluctant to encourage students, high school students in particular, to pursue higher education for the mere sake of it.

I’ll be blunt. Some of the “dumbest” people I have ever met were at college. You shouldn’t think of college as a hub where intellectuals and the brightest crayons in the box gather in one place, as it’s more like some kids just take out a lot of student loans so they can party, skip classes they are paying for and everything else you would expect from those college movie clichés.

From a social standpoint, however, college at the very least offers a lot of chances to experience new things. I learned more things outside of the classroom than I did attending lectures or trying to BS tests I didn’t stuff enough the night before …

But what would the be alternatives? Good question.

I don’t think people should just let their lives end after high school, but all I am saying is the college route is so sketchy these days. At times, I literally think colleges just try to reel in more and more students because they see kids as the $ sign rather than people.

It’s all so tricky. I have met some awesome people who technically don’t have degrees, but they are definitely smarter, in my book, than some nitwits I have come across during my time in school. It’s just so darn sad how society wants to nudge kids toward college, but only to overflow the system so an overabundance of graduates flood the market all at once.

News flash – it’s not like all the people who walk away from school with a degree are guaranteed a job. If 10,000 philosophy majors graduate from one school, will there be 10,000 philosophy jobs waiting for them?

The answer, of course, is no. It’s not exactly the best example, but this is true for any major. You could be trying to work your way toward being a doctor or lawyer, and yet even these pursuits aren’t 100 percent either.

Ugh. What a society we live in …

College education at its finest.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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