Everyday NhanSense – Day 45

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 45’s Topic: Cooking.
At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I have to talk about how cooking literally saved my life many years back.

I was at my wit’s end. My depression was at its worst levels, forcing me into desperation. It took a lot of time for me to muster up some sense of courage to find solutions when everything in the world seemed problematic to me.

I met with my middle school teacher back from when I was in eighth grade for answers to my questions. We talked, and she pointed out how her son worked as a cook at a local restaurant. She said go meet him and ask for a job there as a dishwasher.

Long story short, I ended up getting that dishwasher position. It began as a once-a-week thing because the other dishwasher happened to be sick that one Friday afternoon, so that’s how I got the chance to break away from my unemployment. Go figure.

It was my first job after a year and a half of unemployment, where each jobless day made me question everything dear to me. At face value, yeah, it was a dishwasher gig. A lot of people make fun of the position, thinking it’s bottom of the barrel, but a good dishwasher is paramount for any restaurant.

Keep in mind that basically every customer who comes to a restaurant has to leave something for the dishwasher to take care of in some shape or form.

Utensils, plates and a whole lot more.

Basically, if you think it’s a dirty job, well, it can be, but someone has to do it. If you have never had to stare at a stack of dishes as tall as you are, then you shouldn’t talk until you’ve had to tackle the challenge with nothing other than elbow grease and determination to make sure the next batch of customers have clean plates waiting for them on the tables with spoons and forks, all spick-and-span.

Anyway, before this turns into a rant about how vital washing dishes is for a restaurant, let’s get back to the topic of cooking.

I absolutely love cooking. It has become more than just a hobby I wish I could do more of in my current situation. It’s a way of life.

It started back in college in particular, where I ate a lot of unhealthy food from the dining center because it was more convenient. You couldn’t expect me to make spaghetti correctly, let alone make anything extravagant.

I loved watching cooking shows for some reason. I liked going to restaurants. I enjoyed the “science” of making a restaurant work and function for profitability.

But hey! We all have to start somewhere. Let’s just say the first steak I ever tried to cook on my own burned because I forgot to put the oil in the pan, plus I was a noob and put the steak into a cold pan and so it didn’t get a proper sear on the outside to boot.

Charcoal sure is yummy! That’s sarcasm, if you can’t tell.

Anyway, that particular dishwasher job I got opened the doors for me to a whole new world because that’s where I started to realize how much I loved cooking. I learned how to hold and cut with a knife properly at this restaurant. I was a total scrub who had to hold meat and vegetables literally half a foot away from my opposite hand as I was chopping, so it’s totally hilarious to me now when I am so comfortable with doing that stuff these days like it’s no big deal.

My current living situation right now doesn’t offer me a stove or something reasonable to cook with (I don’t even have a microwave yet), so I have been biding my time at the restaurant I work at for a chance to work on the line for real.

Well, I had a big opportunity tonight at the restaurant I am working at. Slowly, but surely, I am being converted over to a line cook. It’s pretty exciting. For now, I have to bide my time a bit so the rest of the pieces can fall into place.

Being a cook/chef is a lot harder than people give the job credit for, so it’s gonna take a bit of training to learn this particular restaurant’s ins and outs before I can work the line without worries.

Until then, I am content with getting a chance to cook! It feels just wonderful.

Be sure to expect more blog posts about cooking at some point.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


2 thoughts on “Everyday NhanSense – Day 45

  1. paulieredperson5 January 26, 2015 / 10:51 pm

    Good for you Nhan! I hope you get the job you want, anyone who has even glanced at your blog can tell that you deserve it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pyrusic January 27, 2015 / 7:27 am

    I know the feel =) It’s such a positive thing to know for sure that you’re useful somehow, appreciated even. For me, it was helping out in the kitchen of an old folk’s community centre. I was the youngest person there by at least 20 years, more than 40 in most cases. Aside from the chef, that is. Washing dishes, baking, chopping up vegetables; it all really taught me about what I wanted in life, and gave me hope, I guess. The summer after that, I find work doing prep and making sandwiches and coffee in a food truck, best job I’ve ever had.

    That aside, I think good food is important. Nothing makes me feel more loved than warm, tasty food. It’s almost spiritual, how I see it. It doesn’t only feed the body, it also feeds the soul. If I’m not incorrect, haha.

    Good luck =D


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