Everyday NhanSense – Day 81

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Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 81’s Topic: Cats.
As I browse through more pictures of my cats saved on file, the more apparent my true feelings come to the surface. Simply put, I miss my two babies a lot. Tux and Kuro meant a lot to me. They still do. I raised them since they were wee kittens, bonded with them on a personal level between pet and pet owner, which makes some days over here in this new town feel certainly lonely.

Magically, I wish I could just warp the two over here. But it wouldn’t be fair to the family I once lived with, as they are their cats as well. Sure, they didn’t love these two cats as much as me, but I was moving into a precarious and uncertain situation. The family was kicking me out of their home, after all, so I had to make the hard decision of leaving Tux and Kuro behind as a result.

I wasn’t sure if I could take care of my living situation, let alone adequately care for the two cats the way I would want them to be treated. I didn’t know where I was going to live, if I could get a job that paid me enough to afford rent, food and all the other expenses.

Of course, now that the ship has stabilized, I could probably take care of Tux and Kuro just fine. However, it’s not like I can just waltz into the family’s house and demand to have the two cats to take back here. Maybe in time, I will make an effort at formally adopting the two cats, but that family and I haven’t contacted one another for months.

In this regard, things are awkward between us. I have assumed Tux and Kuro have been just fine without me, so I have to trust that they are being loved. That’s all that really matters to me in this regard, honestly. The two cats were quite happy critters before I got kicked out, so I have prayed they have been still content with their lives.

It’s hard at times, but it’s all I can really do at the moment, aside from the alternative …

I could get another cat or two. Completely new ones to raise and love from the start again.

Part of me wants to pull the trigger on this idea, but I am also equally wary of other aspects as well.

On one hand, I would love to have a fuzzy, furry friend to give me company. Cats are great animals for relieving stress, and having something else to care for would encourage me to work even harder each day.

I have the space to accommodate such a feline friend. The cat(s) would have two floors to explore and live in, which is more than enough room for a cat. I would be too scared to let my cat outside in the neighborhood I am living in, though I know they could probably find their way back home just OK.

I don’t know. I think an indoor cat would complement my current living situation more. I would hate for something weird to happen to my cat outdoors. There are lots of dogs around here, and many cars pass by on a daily basis.

Regardless, cats are independent creatures who are more than capable of adapting to whatever kind of area they are living in, whether it’s a mansion or a glorified closet of an apartment. Cats adapt.

And the main things I would need to buy for my cat would be their food and other essentials like kitty litter. They can be a bit pricey of expenses if you aren’t careful, but I would also like to spring for toys and other types of goodies to make sure my cat is happy.

Or perhaps I am overthinking this. I have known poorer people who manage to care for their various pets just fine on shoestring budgets. I probably could afford a cat or two just decently, if not great, if I set aside x amount of funds every month dedicated to kitty care.

I guess I am more concerned for how my cats would like living with me. Maybe it’s the bonding element I am on the fence about because I won’t be home often to train/see my cat.

But then again, cats are independent. They can go for literally days without seeing their owner as long as they have enough food and their litter box is clean. They are like, “Oh, human, you’re back. Now feed me.”

This is why I love cats so much I guess, heh. Or maybe I was just a bit spoiled to have two really awesome cats in Tux and Kuro, who would literally meow and search for me constantly when I was home.

In time, I hope to have a complete decision made soon. I really want a cat, but I can’t just go and adopt one out of the blue without weighing all the options.

Nonetheless, seeing pictures like this one below … well, they remind me of very good memories of why having cats can be so darn heartwarming.


I miss my two babies. I really do.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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