The 54th Deadline: Meet Mango

The 54th Deadline: Life’s always going to give you another chance if you’re constantly persistent.
Meet Mango. My new cat.


I adopted Mango this past weekend, and it’s safe to say I have become totally attached to this ball of fur.

I named her Mango because of her orange/yellow color and because she is so darn sweet in temperament. She follows me around already, meowing at me to pet and love her. She is by all means the ideal cat for someone like me.

I had to mull over the decision to adopt a cat carefully. I don’t make a lot of extra money per se, but I was willing to bite the bullet on the expenses to bring home a feline friend if I found the right cat.

Mango (originally named Ruby at the shelter) was a cat who was surrendered to the animal shelter because she was one animal too many. My guess is she was part of some kind of animal hoarder, but it’s not like she was dragged to the shelter due to behavioral problems.

She has already had kittens before at some point during her two years of age. She was deemed friendly and approachable at the shelter. There weren’t really a lot of negatives to factor in for her.

I ruled out getting a kitten because you actually have to be there during the initial stages during a kitty’s development to make sure they grow up correctly with the right behavioral habits.

I have to work a lot. I have some bills to pay, and though they are not that much compared to others, it still means I have to put in my share of hours each week to make sure I continue to stay afloat. As a result, it would mean Mango or any other cat I choose to adopt in the future would have to get used to not seeing me at home for extended times.

It’s tough, but it is what it is. It can’t be helped.

At least with an older cat, what you see is what you are more or less going to get when it comes to adoption. Mango had the right kind of personality I was looking for: calm, but at the same time she didn’t raise any red flags like she would rip up my stuff when I am not there.

Mango cried out at me during my shelter visits, and she was kind of enough to approach me and let me hold her. Not to mention, she didn’t look like some kind of troublemaker I had to think twice about leaving home alone for long periods of time, which is something that can’t be avoided in my current situation.

Before I knew it, I had already found myself signing the adoption papers to bring her home for real.

Mango so far has been a real joy to my life.

She has a lot of ideal personality traits.

She’s smart. She already figured out how to open some doors. She already knows how to more or less use her litter box (she just kicks the litter out too far, but this can be corrected over time.)

She has already figured out not to mess with my stuff, which is a big A+ in my book.

She ADORES attention. She seemingly can’t get enough of it. She will follow me from upstairs to downstairs just to cry out at me to look down at her.


She’ll stare at you with her beautiful eyes, crying out for any form of affection. And she sure as heck is going to get it.

Would you dare say no to a face like this? Would you?

Already, I can tell she is going to be a bright spot for my overall well-being. Aside from my mood swings, I do get those random bouts of creeping depression that has lingered from my past. I can’t always get rid of those nasty feelings, but petting Mango certainly alleviates some of the pain.

When I am napping or just lying down in bed, she crawls up next to me. Cats, of course, are naturally great at reducing stress. The actual act of petting a cat is therapeutic for both you and the animal, so keep that in mind the next to you pet a feline friend!

I have been a wreck over these years. I have experienced long-term unemployment. I have fought with my own sanity. And during all of this, I wish I had a cat to hug during the toughest of times. It certainly would have made some of the difficult periods more bearable.

But yeah, I just love Mango so much already. She makes me laugh. She eases the tension I feel. I just hope I can be the best owner I can possibly be for her.

In short, I think Mango is going to encourage me to keep working hard. She deserves the best, which means I have to be the best me I can be for her sake.


“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction



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