The 54th Deadline: Death’s Reminder

The 54th Deadline: Life’s always going to give you another chance if you’re constantly persistent.
Life, you really want to keep tacking on once again another catalyst, another wake-up call for me, to get into action. Don’t you? Don’t you?!

So yesterday at work, I found out a coworker of mine literally died. Straight up, he died the other night.

I worked with this coworker just last weekend, and now he is gone. Needless to say, I was pretty rattled yesterday.

Though I was not great friends with him by any means, I thought my coworker was a good guy. He worked hard and always had a great attitude about everything. Outside from the restaurant, I didn’t know much about him. I knew he had a bit of trouble with the law, but he clearly was getting his act together for a long while.

Like me, he was on his own respective journey to salvage his life.

Such a shame. Such a shame.

Life certainly is too short. We take it for granted, and then poof! It ends.

You don’t think about death until it pops up out of the blue. For the past day, I have thought about my own mortality. Have I done enough with my own existence?

Ultimately, I have concluded a startling “no” at this point in the game.

I have not done enough.
It really gets me deep. If I were to die tomorrow, would anyone remember me? Would anyone recall me vividly? Would I stir up fond memories or unpleasant ones?

Quite frankly, I would just see myself as an unfinished product if I were to bite the dust right now. I have so many incomplete things to my name, which I just feel so ashamed about because I have been trying so dang hard.

I have a lot of demons to overcome every day. A lot of personal problems force me to persevere instead of allowing me to concentrate on the next big thing I need to do.

But all of it seems so trivial in the grand scheme of things. At best, I should probably look at them as bumps in the road rather than complete roadblocks. Because, at the end of the day, I still have all the willpower to make something happen instead of just being halted by every dilemma and hardship.

I get it. Life’s tough.

It’s tough when you’re playing behind like someone like me. It’s tough when I continue to let my emotions bog me down left and right versus just forcing myself to get it done regardless.

My coworker dying has really got me thinking. The time is now for me to seize every single moment that comes before me. It’s foolish to delay action any further.

Life has a beginning and then it has to conclude at some point. Anyone can fathom this notion.

I have to go for it. NOW!

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction

Light at End of Tunnel
Light at End of Tunnel

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