The 54th Deadline: The Weight of the Matter

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The 54th Deadline: Life’s always going to give you another chance if you’re constantly persistent.
Life certainly has been hard for me these past few weeks. It took a death of a coworker to force me to rethink everything.

Something I wanted to do because of my coworker’s death was attempt dieting again. Let’s just say I have been having second thoughts about it. But hear me out.

You see, in a nutshell, I have never been super fit before in my life. I have been at best marginally in OK shape when I participated in a few sports back in high school. Otherwise, I was either pretty skinny and then eventually on the pudgy side.

At the moment, I have put on a few pounds compared to what I was even half a year ago since moving into this town. Then again, I got kicked out from where I was living before and I spent a few months unemployed, starving and then eventually eating like crazy due to stress. It was no surprise it would affect my weight on the scale after a while.

But in regards to the diet, I attempted going back to a diet I tried successfully a long time ago. It really did work, as I lost 30 pounds after committing to it for 10 whole weeks. However, stupid stuff happened, which ended up sending me to the emergency room.

The whole ordeal took a toll on me, so I gradually reverted to eating unhealthy again.

And thus, the cycle repeats. However, circumstances are different right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I have the willpower to commit to this diet, but I don’t think I can carry it out at the moment. I am working a lot more than I did the other time I attempted this, and thus I am eating up more energy.

I feel hungry all day, and it just feels like I am hurting myself instead of rejoicing with empowerment that I am dieting for the sake of my own well-being.
Truthfully, I just don’t think I can do this diet justice without a lot of compromises. For one thing, I previously had a stove that made this diet very doable.

I love cooking, so being able to make a healthy and nutritious meal where I could control the ingredients really enriched the dieting experienced.

As the weeks went by, losing weight wasn’t much of a chore as it was just part of a lifestyle change.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my current experience with the same diet plan. It’s hard to eat right without a stove to cook the food I would need to sustain myself. If you’re ever feeling hungry when you’re dieting, that’s never a good thing.

You want your body to be taken care of, regardless if you’re stuffing your face with junk or healthy vegetables.

Without the convenience of a stove top, I have attempted to buy healthy items individually like boiled eggs and whatnot. Not a great idea, I have to say. It’s been eating a noticeable hole in my wallet.

Part of the reason why people can splurge on junk food is because it’s cheaper compared to the healthy stuff that actually makes you live longer. Go figure.

Ugh, I hate making this decision, but I just can’t really diet at the moment. Not like this.

In time, I want to get healthier and work toward becoming a fit person, but I can’t really catch a break right now until the other stuff in my life stabilizes.

I’ll admit it. I do love eating, especially when it comes to trying out new foods.

Someday, I’ll be able to have my cake and eat it too. Without the guilt, of course.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction



3 thoughts on “The 54th Deadline: The Weight of the Matter

  1. PoiSonPaiNter July 1, 2015 / 2:00 am


    I’m not really a fan of dieting myself, as I cannot commit myself to such a thing.

    Still, this seems like something that is important to you, so I just wanted to leave you this thought:
    Have you tried cooking using a camping stove?
    The ones I/we use for festivals is quite good and easy to use.
    Well, I didn’t cook any extraordinary meals, but heating potatoes to get peeled potatoes (otherwise known as potatoes in a jacket), scrambling eggs and simply boiling water works well.
    You only need the cooker itself and gas capsules and one lasts for several festival days. I believe we use 1 1/2 – 2 capsules for a 4 day festival, including several bowls full of water for coffee and instant meals.

    Maybe that’s an idea for the time until you have a proper stove, so you can be able to cook the meals you want.

    All the best


    • Nhan Fiction July 1, 2015 / 8:44 am

      Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the effort in my current situation. It would be just a hassle, so I wish I had a regular stove to cook.


      • PoiSonPaiNter July 1, 2015 / 9:53 am

        As I said, it was just a thought. Just do, what you feel is best for you, that is the best way to do things anyway. 😉


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