The 54th Deadline: Tagline Transition

There comes a point where life forces you to transition toward the next stage. What matters now is for me to figure out what that next stage entails.

“Complete the process.”

This will be the next tagline I will use for this blog and other things.

Lately, I have been racking my brain over what few words I want to define myself with, and “Remember the name” was not quite fitting for my current situation and then some.

I am not a finished product yet. I am incomplete. But to be unfinished is not a bad thing. As long as I keep moving forward, as long as I keep putting the pieces together, the process will see its completion at some point.

It’s an inevitable conclusion to everything. It just takes time. And waiting for so long can stir up some feelings of impatience. Rightfully so, I realize I seemingly flip-flop between progress and setbacks. It is by far a frustrating crawl toward where I want to be.

I make a few steps forward, and then something either delays or pushes me back to the previous checkpoint. However, this is where resilience comes into play. This is where a sense of tenacity becomes that more important.

This tagline of “Complete the process” isn’t something revolutionary or anything of the sort, but I wanted words to live by as I sift through the positives and negatives in my life at this very moment.

On one hand, I am grateful that I am alive, living independently and able to have some semblance of hope about what I want to undertake next. Conversely, though, I am constantly struggling with myself to muster up the necessary gumption to break through to the next stage.

It is not that I lack willpower or anything like that. You just have to play the cards you’re dealt with, and sometimes you lack an ideal hand to win at a given moment. So what do you do? Win or lose, you keep playing. You just have to keep playing. It’s an odds thing. You play a large quantity of games until something favorable happens. It’s just gambling. And by the way, I suck at gambling.

Perhaps you can attribute to how I am someone who does not take many risks by default, and so I often opt for the safer route, as you will. Regardless, I think being cautious and wary of screwing up keeps me honest. Otherwise, I could have been in real hot water by now.

I am not in a position where I can make a great leap of faith and possibly reach my next destination in life ahead of schedule. No shortcuts here. That’s for sure.

Instead, I just think I am going to keep doing this step-by-step, usually grueling, journey. It will take awhile, folks. But I am willing to see what is waiting for me in the end.

Heck, I am able to do this because life threw me a bone many years ago when I was down in the dumps.

This is why I believe in life’s second (and countless other) chances. It’s why I call this blog series The 54th Deadline. I believe I definitely embody the notion that life will give you more opportunities to get it right. To those of you who think it’s always a one-and-done deal, think again.

kcFtZCqWe all have our respective triumphs, our respective failures and everything else that lies in the middle here and there. It happens. It’s supposed to if you believe in destiny.

What’s important is that we keep trying. We all must strive to succeed. It’s the constant pursuit of success that keeps me going, at least.

I cannot emphasize enough how many times I felt like I hit rock bottom, only for me to snap right out of it so I can live to fight another day and work toward my goals.

And clearly, it’s nice to have platitudes come your way when you really need it.

Sure, one could argue they lose their meaning, but it’s better to be reminded of the thoughts you should be thinking of versus (possibly) letting negativity sink in and fester uncontrollably.

Things will work out.

You’re a great person.

Never give up.

In fact, some of the most successful people in the world clearly stuck through thick and thin before they achieved big.

For example, I have had this particular picture on my computer’s desktop for a long time. It is quite inspiring, honestly.

Lost in Life.jpg

No matter where you are in life, you just have to tough it out. No matter how bleak life seems, you can never sell yourself short. You are your own worst enemy.

Be a better you. Be passionate. Be more than just ordinary.

This is the kind of stuff I wish someone could have told me back then when I needed it most, but I just had to find some confidence to acknowledge what I had to my name.

At some point, I will figure it out. I wish I could magically understand every detail that my process requires, but this is half of the personal challenge in life. The other half is putting in the required work.

You know… Just…

“Complete the process.” – Nhan Fiction



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