The 54th Deadline: PIP

“As the journey goes on, one must look around to see where you have reached.”

“Progress is perseverance.” Or in the acronym’s case, PIP.

Just like myself, this site’s tagline has to change and evolve as time goes on, mainly because circumstances compel me to think twice about everything,

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the old tagline.

“Complete the process.”

It is so simple and straightforward. And by all means, that is still part of the game in a series of complicated and tricky rules dictated by this complex life we are blessed to live out.

I want to see this all through, and that’s because I WILL see it through as long as I keep playing the game. And this entails me being persistent. I can’t afford to quit now, both literally and metaphorically. I certainly walk a thin line between slipping into personal destruction and making small steps toward finally reaching “it,” whatever that may be.


This has been a grueling, but self-enriching journey in plenty of ways. Some people have stuck by my side, and others have branched off at random points and moved on with their own respective journeys.

In my opinion, it’s the universe’s style of saying that some paths just don’t cross anymore after a while.

And you know what?

This is OK. Continue reading