The 54th Deadline: Luxury

“We all should count the blessings in our lives, but certainly having money makes a difference.”

I have never been “rich” before, nor have I really experienced what it is like to be even “well-off” growing up. My parents both worked paycheck-to-paycheck jobs, and this meant money was limited. Especially when I was younger, you could rule out random luxuries like cable television, exciting vacations out of state or anything of that sort. Sure, not getting these kind of things growing up kind of sucked to some degree, but I managed.

They are all luxuries after all, and all of which is tied to money. The $ symbol means a lot, and both of my parents immigrated to this country to have more opportunities. When my mother, bless her heart, would talk about how she was so happy making $5 an hour back then…

You can’t help but feel a bit humbled by such a thing, that someone like my mother was so content with making that little of money to pay the bills with and put food on the table. And yet, here I am in 2016, toiling away just to establish some kind of stability in the bank account department.

But the thing is… It never feels like it is enough. It never seems to get anywhere. It just feels like a never-ending grind, and you aren’t even moving an inch every few steps. It’s like a millimeter or even less than this at every possible checkpoint. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Sure, in principle this sounds all good, but I don’t want to keep doing this for the next five years, let alone for the rest of my life.

I started off as an aspiring journalist when I graduated from college years ago, and obviously I wasn’t going to be rich being a bonafide journalist. I kept telling myself that I was not in it for a money, but my viewpoints on such a notion has since changed after being at the mercy of having a limited amount of income to my name for any given month.

As someone who has been long-termed unemployed for extended periods at a rsz_1rsz_hayate_no_gotoku_2nd_season_-_19_-_large_13_2137.jpgtime, as someone who has had his share of wake-up calls when staring at the monthly bank summaries, I want to change my life around and this all starts with the notion of money.

Yes, I am going to come off as a bit superficial, but hey… I am typing this blog post out using a computer I scrounged penny after penny to put together. It’s not the best piece of computer equipment on the market, but I am proud I made it all possible because I decided to tough it out and work long hours just to save up for this dang thing. It’s mine. I earned it.

And thus, something like the computer I am using to the other random blessings in my life… I can’t take them for granted. I shouldn’t. I made this dire mistake over the years when I would be so complacent with having actual luxuries in my life without really understanding or appreciating what the true value in each of them was.

A roof over my head.

A fridge full of food.

A bed to sleep on at night.

Each of these random luxuries and more were things I could say I had. There are people out there who are homeless. There are people out there who are legitimately suffering due to lack of money, but I always had some kind of safety net to keep me from completely reaching the very bottom whenever I happened to fall.

But the latest chapter in this ongoing story has me in a position where I need to evaluate and transition toward the true next stage of the game. It is as if the universe always finds a way to give me another catalyst to utilize. I just need to be smart about it and start putting it all together. My recipe for success has to come together.

Having the Drive
At the end of the day, I need to work for what I want. And when it comes to certain luxuries in my life, it thus becomes my responsibility to take care of things to the best of my ability. One such luxury in particular is the car I drive around, which I will show below.


It’s been a very good car for the past year. Trust me… As someone who spent three years or so without a vehicle to his name, this car has been a godsend to me. It is not the fanciest car out there, nor does it need to be, as I just want something to get me from point A to point B.

It definitely beats walking around or taking the bus. I actually got pretty adept at using the public transportation system around town. Still, having to rely solely on someone else all of the time to bum rides off of made me feel like a little kid. Whenever I want to go somewhere, I can just drive there myself. It’s a big plus in the independence department. That’s for sure.

However, having this kind of luxury entails maintaining it. Today I took the car in for some random repairs. I still have a few more things I need tuned up before all of the maintenance is done. Let’s just say it costs me a pretty penny for someone like me.

I don’t know. I hate the feeling of realizing I needed to work literally a whole month or so just to pay this particular round of car repairs. Part of me feels obligated, as my brother was very generous enough to give me the car to drive for the past year.

As such, I just think it is the right thing to do. Technically speaking, by all means anyway, it is only right I at least put some skin in the game and use the money I do have to my name to take care of this vehicle.

I cannot afford to have this car break down on me, and it would just kill me to think of wasting such a key aspect in my life at the moment. I wish I knew more about cars. I wish I could just be more capable of fixing it myself.

Granted, it is not like the car has been giving me any real problems. This has all been just preventative maintenance to save me a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Sigh, money definitely makes the world go round. All I am saying is this… If I had more money to my name, things would definitely be easier.

Count your blessings. Always count your blessings…

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Fiction


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