Mango Tango


As you can see throughout this blog, my cat named Mango is very important to me in lots of ways. She wCcrG2XJUsAALzBS.jpgas adopted officially on 5/29/2015. Believe it or not, as much as a cat fanatic I consider myself these days, Mango is actually the third cat I have ever owned in my life up to this point.

The first two, Tux and Kuro, are on new adventures in a different state. I’ll miss them both, but I’ll never ever forget them. They will always have a place in my heart.

But yeah, what else is there to say about Mango? She is basically a very ideal cat for someone like me.

She is soft, smart, kind, respectful of my stuff, she always wants to hang out with me no matter where I am in my place and she also doubles as a therapy cat! Even on my roughest days, I can count on Mango to comfort me.

Not to mention, a female cat of her color is rare. It’s 20 percent for her breed to be exact, so she is extra special.

And by all means, Mango is extremely special already. This is no ordinary cat to me.

Expects lots and lots of Mango pictures throughout this blog. >^..^<

– Nhan Fiction