The 54th Deadline: Composure

“People who can keep their cool no matter what can persevere through anything.”

As I have grown older, I have realized I have always lacked a lot of composure as a person.

Composure is something I wish I had more of, in abundance, especially when life forced me into a corner and made me rethink everything. The fact is, if I could have composed myself a lot better as my world was falling apart, everything would have certainly played out differently.

More than five years ago, as the effects of long-term unemployment began to sink in, I simply crumbled.

I was living at home with my parents.

I had no job.

My bank account was depleting.

I just played a lot of video games to pass the time, just hoping things would magically change overnight.

In reality, what I really needed was to compose myself. I needed to bring everything back together, evaluate the problems and then deal with them accordingly.

Yeah, I was going through a rough patch. Back then, I attempted to justify it. But whether it was rational or not, I was in a tough spot. I let the crap pile on, even though I had all of the tools to hack away at the base before it all built up any further.

Instead, I was a weak fool. An incompetent, immature and cowardly clown who had no business trying to get his life together if I couldn’t handle the early signs of an emotional meltdown.

My problems grew more and more out of control. It would be a long time before I actually, and I mean genuinely, began to “heal” from the pain and whatnot.

And this was all because of a huge lack of composure on my part.

Just thinking back throughout my life, I wish I could be just a bit cooler here and there. I wouldn’t have had to stumble around, never completely maturing from the social anxiety-riddled kid who was always so shy and hesitant to be bold once and awhile.

I regret that now, but it can’t be helped. That’s all in the past. And the current me has all of the necessary motivation to rewrite the script. I don’t have to let things play out this way if I can at least influence some variables in my life.

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For Honor

League of Legends” is rolling out a new “honor system” to help promote positive attitude and play from the community. Overall, I really enjoy the concept. For a long time, I have actually wanted some kind of structure in place to help make games less annoying. With the Tribunal on the side to focus on weeding out troublemakers, hopefully this honor incentive will get players to behave better.

After all, focusing on the positive stuff is always better than being negative. Like, I always throw out there that I am not perfect in all of my games. I try to be a nice guy who tries to lean toward maintaining the ideal team spirit, but we all have our limits. We are all human at the end of the day. With honor now on the table, maybe this will reinforce to others and myself that being cool and collected is the way to go. It is no fun playing all frustrated or flustered because someone wants to start arguments and whatnot. For honor!


League of Legends” brings out the worst in people, especially when Elo is on the line in solo queue. I have had my share of really “painful” moments where I wondered if I was the same person after a particularly agonizing ranked match. Though many discouraging and toxic players exist in these kind of games, I believe there are those who become ideal “beacons”  who rub off good qualities that make their teammates perform better.
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League of Legends” has a lot of people with ego problems. To an absurd degree at times. I don’t care how good you think you are, Mr./Ms. Egotistical. No one likes a punk. Leave the ego out of the equation please, and maybe your teammates will like you better. Trying to strut your ego around just makes people uncomfortable, and they will detest you if we think you are full of crap. KTHX.

Ping Me

League of Legends” offers a variety of means to communicate with your teammates during an in-game situation. Such a method is pinging. With pings, you can instantly alert your allies of something important.

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Outrageous Aegis

As someone who mains the support role in “League of Legends,” Aegis of the Legion is my absolute favorite, support item in the game to build for my team. To newer players, Aegis may not seem that important, but believe me … THIS ITEM ROCKS!
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