Happy Haiku: Fiora

Happy Haiku: I try to dabble in writing haiku poems in Japanese.

Happy Haiku! For Fiora, the Grand Duelist. My favorite champion in all of League of Legends.


(O) Fiora
Furansu no hana

English Translation
(Honorable) Fiora
French flower

– Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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MOBA Monday: French Flower

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MOBA Monday: 
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.
Fiora, my favorite champion in League of Legends, is awesome. Her name means flower. Now you know. ✾

MOBA Monday: French Kitty

MOBA Monday: 
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.
Above is a picture of my favorite champion in League of Legends, Fiora, as a kitty. That is all. >^..^<


MOBA Monday: Balance & Viability

MOBA Monday: 
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.
The notion of balance in regards to viability is a very subjective term in League of Legends. At least, it is in the sense that many players have varying opinions on what is considered OK and imbalanced.

The more I discuss on the official forums about why my favorite champion in the game, Fiora, needs to get buffed/remade, the more I realize how difficult it is to balance LoL as a whole. In Fiora’s case, she is a relatively solid champion, but she is nowhere beyond a mid-tier character at best.

All she brings to the table is damage, and other champions can bring damage and other goodies with more consistency. Nonetheless, I love Fiora to death because she is thematically an interesting character in my book, but her gameplay design leaves a lot to be desired.

If I magically could improve Fiora this very instant based on my own opinions, I personally would choose to emphasize Fiora’s 1v1 nature as a duelist. I would give her more tools to work with to shore up her mismatches in the top lane in particular, while of course I would do so within reason.

Though this French lady is my favorite champ in the game, I don’t necessarily want to see her elevated into an overpowered state. I simply want to see her be considered viable within her own niche. That is all.

However, there are many opinions within just the thread I posted that state, “Fiora is fine, so don’t change her” or something else along this same train of thought. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all, but I can at least say with complete honesty that Fiora needs some upgrades to patch up her underpowered areas.

For instance, Fiora’s skill-set as a whole is lacking that “oomph” aspect to bring it all together. I can play Fiora just fine, but I always feel like I am missing something to round out her overall performance.

Regardless, I long for the day that this Darling Duelist of mine gets plenty of attention from Riot. Fiora … future Flavor of the Month character? I hope so. 🙂

MOBA Monday: A Fiora Fix

MOBA Monday: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.

My favorite champ in League of Legends: Fiora, the Grand Duelist! Credit to all the respective artists for drawing the champion I call my “Darling Duelist.” Click on a thumbnail below for a better view. 🙂

A Very Darling Duelist

Fiora is my favorite champion in all of “League of Legends.” Lately, I have been thinking I need to showcase my love for this champion.

I will start by using more Fiora-related images for my avatars and whatnot, starting with this awesome chibi drawn by Hyldenia.

Fiora by Hyldenia

Isn’t it just darling? The drawing is so darn cute! 🙂

But seriously, please check out Hyldenia’s page. It’s awesome.


Champion Guide: Fiora, the Grand Duelist

As Someone Who Loves the French Accent
“En garde!”

Hello there.

My IGN for the North American server is Nhan Fiction, and my favorite champion in “League of Legends” is Fiora, the Grand Duelist.

I decided to write a CASUAL guide for the champion I love the most in LoL. This is a casual guide in the sense that it is geared for “fun” and not intended for “serious” play by any means. This guide is merely a representation of how I play Fiora right down to every detail.

At no point do I claim this guide to be the best or optimal way of playing this champion. These are just strategies I like to do for Fiora that work for me, and they are tactics I find enjoyable for my own amusement.

Finally, credit to all the artists for their respective artwork on this page. I have tried to source all the ones I could find.  Continue reading