MOBA Monday: Taste Testing Flavor of the Month

MOBA Monday: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.
In League of Legends
, a prominent aspect of the game is the nature of “Flavor of the Month” strategies (or FotM for short.) Basically, FotM refers to what’s in style for a given metagame. It could be the champions being selected, an item build being executed throughout a match or anything else for that matter.

No matter how you slice it, FotM among the League of Legends community has tremendous influence as to what players do for periods of time.

A highly respected player popularizes the new, slick way of using a certain champion.

A trend develops.

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MOBA Monday: Remaking a Darling Duelist


Check out a remake I wrote for fun for my favorite champion in League of Legends – Fiora, the Grand Duelist!

MOBA Monday: A Change of Heart

Note: MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

I have had a change of heart many times when it comes to League of Legends, particularly when it comes to my viewpoints on certain champions.

I often “hate” some champs for a long time for whatever reason. I don’t like their look, their gameplay design, their voice … Whatever it may be, I am stubborn about my stance on champs until I finally give them a genuine shot to win my affection.

In many cases, I am pleasantly surprised as to how incredible some characters are. Below are five random champs who started off in my “I think you’re a stupid champ” category before naturally moving on up to the “You’re an awesome character!” distinction.
1. Wukong, the Monkey King

Initial Impression: I honestly thought Wukong was a boring design in terms of style and flair. It also did not help Wukong’s case that Heroes of Newerth’s own Monkey King was released around the same time as well (I really hate HoN, but at the time I thought HoN’s Monkey King was totally more interesting.)

Upon release, Wukong was actually leaning toward the underpowered side, with his skills being a tad weak. Not to mention, the clone he created from Decoy was buggy and did not “deceive” anyone properly.

Current Impression: Wukong rocks! There is no monkeying around when you utilize his skills properly. His ultimate, Cyclone, is super underrated. Not only does it do a lot of damage, its effect of knocking everyone up for a second is quite disruptive because not many things can handle displacement crowd control.

Wukong is just a crafty and fun champ to play.

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Happy Haiku: Winter

Happy Haiku!


Shiroi yuki
Samui fuyu

English Translation
White snow
Cold winter

– Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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The Play-Setter and Playmaker Part 5

Branching Out
League of Legends” has tons of champions these days, so there are plenty of choices to make as to who to play. To find new inspiration in a champion you once despised for whatever reason is always an enlightening experience.

Maokai, the Twisted Treant, was a champion I once deemed “stupid” and trashy, but then I found myself really getting into Maokai near the end of Season 3.

I attribute the sudden interest to watching the Pro Player Pick vid below.

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Diamond Dreams

Dreaming of Diamond
So the end of Season 3 happened last evening for “League of Legends.”

Unfortunately, I was unable to hit Diamond as I had hope for, but I did manage to reach high-Platinum territory. My Matchmaking Rating (MMR) was occasionally putting me in games with a few low-Diamond players, which tells me that Diamond is definitely within my grasp for Season 4.

It was frustrating because I am 100 percent certain I have Diamond-caliber skills for particular aspects of my game (i.e. jungling), but I tanked my MMR for a long time to the point where climbing up in Elo was difficult and extremely annoying.

Gaining less League Points for each win while losing a chunk of LP for every loss meant I was always at a disadvantage. I would make progress with a few wins, but then I would suffer a huge setback with even a single defeat.

In other words, I would make one step forward, but I found myself falling two+ steps behind again with each loss. Needless to say, it took too long to repair my MMR back into OK territory. And by then, the season was already concluding.

I actually figured out that it would take me at least 20+ games for me to hit Diamond near the final days, and this was assuming I managed to come out victorious in every single match. Not necessarily impossible per se, but even the best of the best lose a game here and there in Solo Queue.

And of course, the late-season terrors in ranked popped up in full abundance. There were so many trolls, low-skilled players, Elo-boosted players and everything else under the rainbow that meant every Solo Queue game hinged heavily on luck. Did your team have the high-Elo smurf or did your team get the guy who decided to play again after a five-month hiatus?

Overall, it was an unpleasant experience trying to make a late push toward my Elo goals. The thought of hacking away at the ranking system deflated a lot of fun about of my matches, plus I found myself raging a lot because it was always ONE THING or another.

Then again, I only have myself to blame for not sticking to my original system and strategies for ranking up. Had I stayed disciplined to carry out my game plan, I probably would have hit Diamond a long time ago with way less matches played, a lot more personal satisfaction and a huge absence of excessive stress from painful, mentally taxing matches. Continue reading