The 54th Deadline: Stalled Countdown

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The 54th Deadline: For every success, for every botch, life will always give you many opportunities.
As I write this, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, but I can’t quite seem to let it all out.

It’s one particularly odd thing about my personal “depression” from the get-go – I haven’t been really able to cry. I feel like I have kept a lot of inner turmoil inside, and it has just been building up and building up, but it just can’t seem to find its way out of my system.

It’s wimpy to admit it, but I guess deep down I want to bawl my eyes out. I really force myself, but it’s not working. And hence, I believe a lot of my hopes and dreams have stalled this countdown in life. I know the launch has been on hold for so long.

I should have blasted off toward “greatness” by now, but something keeps finding its way into my life to delay it even further. Am I making excuses? Am I being irrational?

JUST WHAT IS IT? What’s wrong? Why can’t I just get a clear answer from the universe?

I make so many small strides, but I never can’t go the complete distance to reach that next threshold. It’s always some kind of forward progress, but how much more forward progress do I need to get through?

Perhaps at this point, I feel exhausted and impatient with it all. After all, it’s been five years and counting. Fives years of ups and downs. Five years mixed with misery and happiness.

Sigh, depression is a real drag to overcome, don’t you think? Continue reading


Everyday NhanSense – Day 109

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 109’s Topic: Launching soon.
To all my wonderful blog readers, I am planning on launching new and exciting projects. Not only for this blog, but I will attempt to step up my game and really push forth with my various planned ventures.

Stay tuned for the next few days. 🙂

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction

I Imagine

Nhan-Fiction Note: Majestic Prince has been a so-so anime this season. It is passable for a mech-based series, but I have definitely come across way better stories in the genre.

I think I have been able to tolerate the anime because I just like making “League of Legends” references while watching it (e.g. “Oh my god, their jungler is overextending). Like seriously, the main team in the anime gets dubbed the “Fail Five” at one point. There is also a three-man squad that gets nicknamed the “Trash Three” (like they are a Twisted Treeline team).

English Translation of Lyrics by
I imagine
I imagine

I download my feelings that are in the third row
Also, I want my violent emotions downloaded as well
From a library of infinite abilities
With just my intuition, my item count increases
With an absurd greed, I balance it out
I become as foolish as much as anyone else

I’ll show you
I’ll become someone out of the ordinary
I turn my back to my genetics
Without any locks, I stay in that state
Behind me awaits a virus
All that’s left now is to input something into my back for blood to flow through
I imagine

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What a ☆ Part 21

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As I stand looking into the Milky Way, I came to see
I realize the landscape’s different than I thought it would be
And have we moved on past those times, which used to hurt us so much?
The answer isn’t “NO” and yet, for me, that is not enough
I think perhaps an angry “god” is testing us in his rage
So fill up the empty seats
Move on to the next STAGE

When you asked us, “What’s our relationship?”
I said, “A little more than friends,” and yet that’s not quite right, either
I think the word “bond” is more appropriate
While fighting for each other, we’re caring for one another
“Hey, where are you right now?”
“Somewhere on Earth,” I say
Well, you know, I’m not an astronaut, OK?
So as long as you’re beneath the OZONE, I’ll be there right away
So until the morning, please just stay

Just Communication

Credit to
Just Communication
Sung by:
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Two-Mix

English Translation
While being pounded by rain
I want to express this unfading passion
with my entire body, tonight!

[Short Instrumental]

I held your damp shoulders to warm you
Your fingers tremble
What are they seeking?

I want to protect that look in your eyes
Believe in the love
that can change sadness to strength

While being pounded by rain
I want to express this unfading passion
with my entire body, tonight! Continue reading

In Space

Nhan-Fiction Note: Watching anime is a very good way for me to retain and remember my knowledge of the Japanese language. I can actually understand most of the things in this particular video simply by listening to it.

For me, I can recognize a lot of Japanese grammar and conjugation elements, but the hardest part is vocabulary (particularly slang) and translating something quickly in my mind on the fly when the sentences become really complicated.


Video Translation: “Blah, blah, blah … bonds (as in the feelings between people). Blah, blah, card games, blah. Blah, blah, dragons. 「集いし星が1つになるとき新たな絆が未来を照らす! 光さす道となれ!リミットオーバー アクセルシンクロ !!進化の光、シューティング・クェーサー・ドラゴン!!!」”