The 54th Deadline: A Hundred Cards

“In a world full of negativity, we must instead choose to listen to positive messages.”

Well, better late than never.

I actually finished my note card project a few days back, but the blog post just got delayed for whatever reason. Yup, all 100 cards got jotted with some kind of random, positive-geared message.

I admit some were not as good as others, but the point is the messages were all about looking for the bright side. Below are 10 random ones I thought were decent and up.

Who knows? Maybe there will be a day where some of these messages can be in a fortune cookie or something. For now, I have all of the cards inside of a bag near my computer desk. I guess I want the reminder that I did something nice and easy, but they all made me feel better about life.
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Pet Peeve: Using the Wrong “Everyday”

A lot of people don’t realize that “everyday” and “every day” are two different things. This misunderstanding is very common, unfortunately. Basically, “everyday” is the adjective form, whereas “every day” refers to “each day.”

1. These are my everyday shoes.

2. Every day, I drink a glass of milk.

Now you know.


In dedication to my friend Imori and her cat named Amber, I wrote a haiku.

Amber passed away today. Unfortunately, Amber was a very sick kitty for a long time. Nonetheless, her last days on this earth were spent surrounded by those who loved her very much.

It is sad to see pets come and go, but all the companionship, wonderful memories and happiness they brought to our lives will never be forgotten. Ever.
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Pham Fact: I Love the Word ‘Strategy’

Strategy is easily one of my favorite words in the world. I love the notion of strategy, the implied tactics associated with it.

One of my favorite elements in gaming is the tactical part of it, where devising a new means of playing the game to attain victory becomes necessary as your skill level rises. It is extremely fun for me to win with strategies I come up with for a given game.

League of Legends” just recently released its Dominion mode, so now I will have something different to strategize new methods to win at the game.